When was the last year the Geo Metro was made?

When was the last year the Geo Metro was made?

General Motors announces that the Metro would not be included in the 2002 Chevrolet model lineup. CAMI Automotive manufactures the last Metro, a red sedan, on April 26, 2001. Solectria, a Massachusetts company, converted examples of the first and second generation Geo Metro to electric operation.

What kind of engine does the Geo Metro have?

Comparison of Generation II/I 3-door hatchback interior dimensions: The second generation Metro featured two engine options. The three-cylinder, 1.0-liter throttle body injected engine, still used on base models, was available for non- LSi models in 1997. The 1.0-liter became the last engine on a vehicle available in the US to use TBI.

When did they stop making the Chevrolet Metro?

Production ended after model year 2001. The Chevrolet Metro was used in the 17th Biennale of Sydney (2010) exhibition in an experiment made by Cai Guo-Qiang, a Chinese artist from Fujian, where nine Chevrolet Metros were suspended in the air through animation. Comparison of Generation II/I 3-door hatchback interior dimensions:

When did the second generation Metro come out?

In 1995, the second generation of the Sprint/Metro line in North America—which was the third generation North American “Cultus”—was introduced as a three-door hatchback and four-door sedan, using an adaptation of the longer wheelbase platform from the second generation Cultus for both body configurations.

How long has Geo Metro been in production?

For 13 years of production starting in the year 1989, the existence of Geo Metro vehicles took in the industry is one that cannot be ignored in the automotive scenes. This existence gave way to the participation of vehicles that mainly cater to the consumers who value cars for their commuting activities and daily errands.

Is the Geo Metro LSi convertible for sale?

91′ Geo Metro LSI Convertible for sale; currently registered historic. Antique collectible car. Ran very well until a week ago. Will not run, engine just turns over; will have to tow off of property. Have not been able to take it to get inspected but I think it needs a new fuel injector and is leaking oil into the combustion chamber.

What kind of car is a Geo Metro?

And the fact that these vehicles are more economical makes it even more Geo Metro cars the best car that an individual may utilize for his everyday and common life. Geo Metro vehicles were released by Chevrolet dealers as a rebadged version of the Suzuki Swift model and to replace the subcompact hatchback Chevrolet Sprint.

What do you need to know about Geo Metro parts?

Maintaining these cars would be easier with the utility of different Geo Metro auto parts that can be found in the market. Geo Metro replacement parts are provided in the industry to replace and fix those parts that occurred damage and failed to function already.