Which are the four stages of the water cycle?

Which are the four stages of the water cycle?


  • Condensation
  • Precipitation
  • Sublimation
  • Transpiration
  • Infiltration

    What is the third stage of a water cycle?

    Precipitation is the third stage of the water cycle. Precipitation is any form of water that comes from the sky. It can be rain, snow, sleet, hail or freezing rain. Precipitation helps maintain life on Earth as all life requires water. In the precipitation stage, some form of water will contact the Earth and living things.

    What are the names of the three stages of the water cycle?

    The hydrologic cycle describes how water moves continuously in nature. It has three stages to it: evaporation, condensation and surface runoff. From reservoirs, to the air and back on land, water is always in motion.

    What is the third step in the water cycle?

    The third step is sublimation. It is the process of when the ice directly converts into water vapor with out turning into liquid water. The forth step is precipitation. This is when the clouds pour down due to temperature or wind change.

    What are the basic steps of the water cycle?

    The steps in the water cycle are evaporation, condensation, precipitation and runoff. Transpiration is an additional element in the water cycle. Evaporation is the process by which water on the surface changes from a liquid to a gas state, water vapor.

    What are the essential steps of the water cycle?

    THE WATER CYCLE: A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS Evaporation. The water cycle starts with evaporation. Condensation. As water vaporizes into water vapor, it rises up in the atmosphere. Sublimation. Apart from evaporation, sublimation also contributes to water vapors in the air. Precipitation. Transpiration. Runoff. Infiltration.

    What is the four step of the water cycle?

    The water cycle is a continuous process that allows the limited water supply on Earth to be recycled. The water cycle is made up of four steps: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection. Listen to Finn the fish.