Who makes international A26 engine?

Who makes international A26 engine?

The A26 is based on the crankcase of a D26 engine from MAN – a German truck and engine manufacturer wholly owned by Volkswagen. According to Darren Gosbee, vice president of advanced engineering for International, the new A26 diesel engine produces up to 475 horsepower and 1,750 lb. -ft.

What is an A26 engine?

The A26 Engine Features The number 26 is shorthand for the engine’s 126-mm diameter piston on the European MAN D26 engine, the base for this engine. The two engine types share a block, crankcase, as well as many rotating components. However, special emphasis has been placed on uptime and fuel efficiency.

What makes the A26 quiet?

THE A26 IS PACKED WITH NOISE-REDUCING FEATURES The High Pressure Common Rail fuel system delivers multiple injection events for smooth, quiet operation. The oil pan and crankcase are isolated through a specially designed rubber gasket that absorbs vibration before it can get amplified through the oil pan.

Are there any problems with the Navistar A26 engine?

The A26 engine was created to replace the also-problematic 13 Liter engine, which the company retired from production three years ago. Are other Navistar engines dangerous? While there haven’t yet been any personal injuries stemming from the A26 engine defects, this isn’t the first time Navistar has had issues with its engines.

Is there a warranty on the International A26?

We stand behind the A26 with a two-year unlimited hours or miles warranty that lets you take it as far as you want, for as many hours/miles as you want. Go ahead, go the extra mile.

How much torque does the International LT with A26 have?

TORQUE UP TO: 605 MAX HP | 2,050 LB-FT. TORQUE UP TO: 565 MAX HP | 2,050 LB-FT. TORQUE UP TO: 350 MAX HP | 1000 LB-FT. TORQUE UP TO: 550 MAX HP | 2,050 LB-FT. TORQUE UP TO: 450 MAX HP | 1,700 LB-FT. TORQUE UP TO: 475 MAX HP | 1,700 LB-FT. TORQUE BIG BORE ENGINE. “I put the International® LT® with A26 Engine at the top of my preferred truck list!”

How many miles does the A26 engine take?

Go ahead, go the extra mile. “We are significantly reducing our maintenance costs.” The A26’s design allows for increased service intervals keeping you on the road longer. Oil Change: Now up to 70,000 miles.* *With oil sampling and International Truck approval.