Who played Dynasty Barry in Waterloo Road?

Who played Dynasty Barry in Waterloo Road?

Abby Imogen Mavers
Abby Imogen Mavers (born 20 April 1990) is an English actress. She played Dynasty Barry in the BBC One school-based drama series, Waterloo Road, from 2013 until 2014.

Is there any lesbians in Waterloo Road?

Since spending more time at Waterloo Road, Nikki became very close with Tom Clarkson and his son Josh. She helped them deal with Josh’s schizophrenia and was a fantastic shoulder for Tom to cry on….DC Fandome – The Loop.

Nikki Boston
Romances Lorraine Donnegan Vix Spark Hector Reid
Daughters Eve Boston

Is Waterloo Road set in a real school?

The series is set in and around Waterloo Road, a fictional school for students aged 11 to 18, a comprehensive in Rochdale in series 1 to 7 and an independent in Scotland thereafter. Waterloo Road was filmed at Hill Top primary school on Hill Top Drive in Rochdale for a whole 6 years where the set grew as Waterloo Road.

What happened to sue in Waterloo Road?

Sue was a hopeless teacher, only in the profession because her father dissaproved of her being a flight attendant….Eternals Opening Weekend – The Loop.

Sue Lowsley
Cause/Reason Left Teaching after affair with Hector Reid
Occupation Science Teacher
Mother Mrs. Bain (née Spark) (Deceased)

Why did Barry Barry leave Waterloo Road?

“It felt right if I’m honest, because Barry was getting older in the show. A lot of the characters are getting older now and they do outgrow the school, so you know yourself when it’s time to move on. I wouldn’t want to exhaust Barry’s time on Waterloo Road, as I feel his time has been full-lived and outrageously bold.

When was the last Waterloo Road filmed?

The final scenes of the show were recorded on 22 August 2014. On 11 December, it was announced that the last ten episodes of the show would air on BBC Three instead of BBC One.

What happened to Janice in Waterloo Road?

Janeece left Waterloo Road for Ibiza when she realised she had to re-evaluate her life after her carelessness caused young Cheryl to be injured.

Who are Barry Barry’s Sisters in Waterloo Road?

Barry Barry is a former pupil of Waterloo Road. He has two younger sisters, Dynasty Barry and Kacey Barry. He is the secondary antagonist of series eight and the main and final antagonist of series nine . Barry Barry and his two younger sisters, Dynasty and Kacey Barry, are from Liverpool.

What happens to Kacey Barry in Waterloo Road?

Kacey arrives at Waterloo Road and quickly realises she has gender identity issues. She is helped through this by Tom Clarkson and Nikki Boston. Her brother Barry Barry didn’t accept the situation and sometimes acts violently towards her. Her mother is not violent but doesn’t understand what’s going on with Kacey, only her sister supports her.

What did Barry steal from Lorraine in Waterloo Road?

In Episode 13, Barry steals Lorraine’s Ferrari with the help of Kacey. He completes the illegal sale and is paid with a wad of cash. In Episode 14, Barry is questioned by the police in connection with Lorraine’s stolen car but there is no evidence and he is released.

Who are the main characters in Waterloo Road?

Introduced in series 4 1 Denzil Kelly ( Reece Douglas, series 4−7) 2 Earl Kelly ( Reece Noi, series 4) 3 Marley Kelly ( Luke Bailey, series 4) 4 Sambuca Kelly ( Holly Kenny, series 4−7) 5 Flick Mellor (Sadie Pickering, series 4) 6 Philip Ryan ( Dean Smith, series 4−5) 7 Lauren Andrews (Darcy Isa, series 4−7)