Why do employers ask if you applied before?

Why do employers ask if you applied before?

A recruiter might ask you if you’ve interviewed there before because his compensation is based on you getting hired on his referral — so if you’ve talked with them before, then (1) if they said no they probably will again (from his point of view) and (2) he might not even get the credit.

Why do colleges ask if you have applied before?

The college officials will usually compare the two applications to see if any issues that concerned them the first time around have been resolved and also to ascertain whether information on the second application seems to conflict with earlier data. Some inconsistencies are to be expected.

Do you currently have the right to work in India?

Right to Work and Part IV of the Indian Constitution. However, the Indian Constitution does not explicitly recognise the ‘right to work’ as a fundamental right. It is placed in Part IV (Directive Principles of State Policy) of the Constitution under Article 41, which hence makes it unenforceable in the court of law.

How often can you apply to Amazon?

You must wait 90 days to re-apply.

Will Amazon hire me back?

Amazon and most other large companies have a ‘flag’ in their HRMS database that says “Eligible for rehire”. Yes would mean they will re-hire you. No would mean the contrary. It would be No only in exceptional circumstances, for example if you were fired for misconduct.