Why does my GMC Yukon knock at cold starts?

Why does my GMC Yukon knock at cold starts?

Hi, I have a 2008 Gmc yukon denali with 6.2 v8 engine 108500 miles, it knocks at cold starts up for 5 seconds and the noise goes away as the engine temperature comes to normal. What is the next step to solve this problem? Minutes. After start. The dealer agrees something Is wrong but Gm won’t do anything. ’07 Yukon Denali. Came from California.

When does a GMC Sierra Denali knock the dash?

2013 Sierra Denali 1500 6.2L 57000 knocks at any temp until the engine warms up. It is worse when the temp is below 50 degrees. The dash is also cracked. This GMC has been nothing but a disappointment!

What kind of engine knock does a GMC Yukon have?

2008 yukon xl slt 5.3L with a tapping lifter, right after 2k in transmission , 800 on bad electrical wires, 1200 on both axles , cv seal rotors and brakes, and now the tapping, and of course its paid for…thx GMC for your long lasting junk!

Why does my GMC Sierra knock at stop signs?

After the knock dissipates a ticking is noticable during slow and medium acceleration. The tick be ones more rapid as speed increases. 2011 GMC Sierra 6.2 engine, bought used with 50k miles, paid cash, engine knocks especially at cold temps, truck surges at stop signs and intersections.

Do you need a spark plug for a GMC Yukon?

Like a combination of tank and limousine, your GMC Yukon conveys you comfortably through both the country and the city. Make sure it has everything it needs to run reliably and get you where you need to go by replacing your GMC Yukon spark plug with one designed to resist additive build-up and engine pressure when you shop at AutoZone.

Why does my GMC Canyon have a StabiliTrak light?

If these lights appear, it generally means these important safety features are being disabled. This issue can happen at any time with any of the GM vehicles. We are currently working on a claim involving a 2012 GMC Canyon where the StabiliTrak light has come on five times within the first 5,000 mile period.

When do traction control lights come on on a GMC?

The stabilitrak and traction control lights come on and service lights for both come on at random. The usually common before I reach 20 mph, and is random. Some days it won’t some days it will. I have stopped turned the ignition off for a few minutes, and restarted and it goes away. Days later its back.

What kind of mpg does Yukon Denali get?

The diesel Yukon Denali 4WD is rated to get 22 mpg combined in the EPA’s test, which is an excellent figure for a vehicle that weighs north of 5,800 pounds in four-wheel-drive guise.

What should the idle knock sound be on a Duramax Diesel?

The sound is often more pronounced in the interior of the truck as it’s amplified by the transmission bell housing. Idle the engine at about 600 RPM with the transmission in Park or Neutral. The engine oil temperature should be 113–185°F (45–85°C). Turn the HVAC fan and radio off. Remove the accessory drive auxiliary belt.

What’s the range of a GMC Yukon XL?

A full tank of fuel for Yukon XL gives you up to an available maximum highway range of 765 miles† . GMC incorporated state-of-the-art diesel technologies like a high-pressure fuel injection system and a modern fuel injection control to maximize engine power, range and efficiency.

What kind of engine does a GMC Yukon have?

GMC didn’t stop at just technology aimed at fuel delivery. The 3.0L Duramax Turbo-Diesel also has a lightweight all-aluminum engine block, which results in a 25 percent savings in mass over a comparable cast iron engine block.

What kind of suspension does GMC Yukon have?

The Yukon’s independent rear suspension enables added leg room for rear passengers. There are also available features, such as Magnetic Ride Control and first-in-class four-corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension.

Is the GMC Yukon a first class car?

, Professional Grade capability and a quiet refinement to the first-class Yukon. GMC has taken the Yukon experience to another level for the 2021 model year with first-class appointments, technological innovations and Professional Grade capability.