Why is achievement an important value?

Why is achievement an important value?

Achievement gives us such an incredible sense of satisfaction that it’s possible for us to have set a goal, taken steps towards it and actually done what we set out to do. We can therefore hold our head up high and smile at those who doubted our ability.

What is the value of achievement?

Achievement values are “the incentives or purposes that individuals have for succeeding on a given task” (Wigfield, 1994, p. Children’s achievement values affect their self-regulation and motivation because goals influence how children approach, engage in, and respond to academic tasks (Hidi & Harackiewicz, 2000).

What is achievement and success?

Achievement is something we reach or attain, like all of the goals written on the goal wall at KORE. Achievement is measurable, we can tell when we reach our goal (as long as our goal is specific). Success however, is a feeling or state of being. Success is when the things we once struggled so much with become easy.