Are there any problems with the Volvo XC60?

Are there any problems with the Volvo XC60?

Vibration under heavy acceleration while turning. Occasional hard shifts at all OAT & vehicle speeds. Dealer duplicated vibration on another XC60, no repair available Added spacers where the driveshaft connects to the rear axle to stop vibration when accelerating on hill. 240-horsepower 3.2L I6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Why is my towing eye not working on my Volvo XC60?

Some owners have reported that the front bumper energy absorber may partially cover the aperture through which the towing eye is fixed. This means it’s not possible to fit the towing eye following the removal of the cover. There have been problems with engine cooling fan.

Why does my XC60 engine keep leaking fluid?

The joint between the power steering high-pressure line and the steering gear might not have been assembled correctly. This could result in fluid leaking and a sudden loss of powered assistance. Fluid could also get into the engine and cause a fire. Gearboxes on some XC60s have been problematic.

Volvo XC60 owners have reported 29 problems related to electrical system (under the electrical system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volvo XC60 based on all problems reported for the XC60.

Where can I get a 2020 Volvo XC60?

The vehicle was towed local dealer Volvo cars carlsbad located at 6830 avenida encinas, carlsbad, CA 92011. (760) 931-7100 and unable to duplicate the failure. The manufacturer had been informed of failure. The failure mileage was approximately 6,000. Dp. See all problems of the 2020 Volvo XC60 .

How did the fire start in the Volvo XC60?

They got out of the car, and called 911 because of smoke started to thicken. About one minute later, flames started coming out from underneath the right (pass) side of the car and within 25-30 seconds, flames were coming from up under the hood as well. The fire department got there and put out the fire.

What does it mean when your Volvo won’t start?

Volvo engine turns over but won’t start. Volvo has a reputation as being a very reliable car that will rarely leave you stranded. In this guide, we discuss those rare cases when a Volvo won’t start. Volvos’s most common problem is that the dashboard light turn on, but the engine won’t start.

Why does my Nissan Altima not start up?

With the key in the “start” position, if the starter motor is getting power but the starter doesn’t work, then the starter is condemned and replaced. Note that starters can and sometimes do develop intermittent faults due to bad spots on the armature.

What happens when the starter doesn’t work?

Basically, with a fully charged battery, and with the key held in the “start” position, the starter is either getting power or it isn’t. With the key in the “start” position, if the starter motor is getting power but the starter doesn’t work, then the starter is condemned and replaced.

Why is AWD deactivated on a Volvo XC90?

When the vehicle is braked, the system is deactivated so that the brake and ABS systems can function effectively, for high stability and short braking distances. Similarly, the AWD system is deactivated by the Dynamic Stability and Traction Control system (DSTC) if this performs any braking intervention to counteract skidding.

Why is Volvo’s AWD system so delicate?

On the viscous system Volvo used: It was a good system and if the tires were rotated and no odd tires ended up in the mix it gave good service. Age on the VC has introduced some problems and baked grease in the front CV joint and middle support bearing failures are the service issues with age. And the splined connector sleeve wearing.

What causes a vibration in a Volvo XC 1?

I had to replace the ignition coil on Cyl#1 about 29k mi ago, at that time the engine misfire was very obvious and power drop also. This doesn’t feel like that time. Worn drive axles will cause vibration under acceleration as well. If yours are original, then that could be the cause.

What causes low oil light on Volvo XC60?

Low oil light came on. Volvo replaced dipstick assembly based on TSB No. TJ30021 — “A faulty engine oil dipstick may allow engine oil to leak out of the crankcase.” orange warning light – apparently related to emission sensor – in first trip in December reset light. in January fixed without charge by replacing sensor.