Do Armstrong ceiling tiles contain formaldehyde?

Do Armstrong ceiling tiles contain formaldehyde?

Many Armstrong acoustical mineral fiber ceilings are formulated with no formaldehyde and they outperform CHPS Section 01350 requirements on emissions. Contact TechLine at 877-ARMSTRONG (278-7876).

Are ceiling tiles a standard size?

In the United States and its neighboring countries, the cell size in the suspension grids is typically either 2 by 2 feet (610 mm × 610 mm) or 2 by 4 feet (610 mm × 1,220 mm), and the ceiling tiles, light fixtures, and fluorescent light tubes are the same size.

What are Armstrong ceiling tiles made of?

What are Armstrong ceilings made of? Mineral fiber ceilings contain at least 24% recycled materials, and some as much as 95%. They also contain renewable and natural materials: starch, perlite (a form of natural glass), and clay. Durable plank ceilings are made from wood fiber byproducts.

Are ceiling tiles toxic?

Don’t use ceiling tiles with dangerous air-polluting chemicals. Many fiberglass and mineral fiber ceiling panels use formaldehyde, a carcinogen and respiratory irritant, as a binding agent. Other ceiling tiles may contain hormone-disrupting PVC, chemical flame retardants or antimicrobial treatments.

Can ceiling tiles make you sick?

In airtight buildings, or buildings with poor ventilation, molds can contribute to sick building syndrome. This syndrome refers to when building occupants experience acute health effects directly related to their time spent in a particular building.

What size are office ceiling tiles?

The most commonly used T shapes are 15/16″ wide; however, 9/16″ wide T shapes are becoming more common. Suspended ceiling manufacturers also make a variety of shapes that offer aesthetic options to the designer. A stepped T shape is often used with tegular tiles to provide a ceiling with more depth.

How do you measure ceiling tiles?

Take your length measurement, multiply it by your width measurement, and then divide the result by 144. Typically, your measurements will be in inches, and dividing the resulting number by 144 (or the number of inches in a square foot) will give you your square footage for ordering your metal ceiling tiles.

How do you cut Armstrong ceiling panels?

Remove the panel. Use a sharp utility knife and straight edge to cut halfway through the panel from the face side along the pencil line (D). Lay the utility knife on its side next to the panel and, with the panel face up, cut in at blade height for a reveal cut (E). Remove the cut edge.

How big are the ceiling tiles at Armstrong?

Natural shapes, warm, earthy colors, wide windows, graphic patterns Sizes: all tiles are available in the surface mount 12” x 12” tile size, 24″ x 24″ and 24″ x 48″ drop ceiling tiles, 6″ x 48″ and 5″ x 84″ plank styles. Paintable: You aren’t limited to just white when it comes to Armstrong ceiling tiles.

Can you put ceiling tiles over a ceiling?

Ceiling tiles are available in many sizes and can be installed over an existing ceiling. Browse our all of our products to find the one that will match your room design.

What kind of ceiling tiles are humidity resistant?

Humidity and sag resistant ceiling tiles that stay flat and minimize replacement of sagging ceilings. HumiGuard tiles can even be installed before buildings are enclosed, despite the high humidity.

Is there a fast134 program for ceiling design?

Design for a new normal with clean air, clean materials, inspiring design… FAST134 program for specialty ceilings & walls – a variety of standard products in 4 weeks or less.