How big is the windshield on a Freightliner M2 106?

How big is the windshield on a Freightliner M2 106?

A large 2,500 square-inch tinted windshield and downward sloping aerodynamic hood provide a clear, wide-open view of the road and work at hand, making it easier for both new and experienced drivers alike to see and drive Optional Features Available with up to 20k lbs. front and 46k lbs. rear axles

How tall is the cab on a Freightliner truck?

A large cab with plenty of head and elbow room, lower cab height with wider and taller doors, and non-slip steps for easy entry/exit

What kind of wheel cut does a Freightliner have?

Up to a 55-degree wheel cut, a set-back front axle and a swept-back front fender and bumper provide one of the industry’s tightest turning radii, improving wall-to-wall and curb-to-curb maneuverability, especially within neighborhoods

What does smartplex do on a Freightliner truck?

SmartPlex adds expansion capabilities and allows custom programming for each customer’s unique requirements, with no software to buy or additional tools required.

What was the problem with the Caterpillar CAT C7 engine?

The ACERT Technology had a lot of problems for Caterpillar, first with the CAT C7 but more so later on with the CAT 13 and CAT 15 engines. The technology was really the first generation emissions technology for heavy duty diesel engines. The ACERT technology was prone to numerous regeneration issues. Drivers reported low power and low fuel economy.

What kind of air inlet system does cat C7 use?

With the ACERT design the smaller CAT C7 models used an air inlet system with multiple traditional wastegated turbos to boost air intake flow and pressure. The more midsized hp models used only a single turbo while the larger horsepower models used dual turbochargers working in conjunction for optimal airflow.

What are the maintenance schedules for a m2 truck?

Maintenance Schedules: 00–02 Maintenance Intervals for Schedule I: 00–03 Maintenance Intervals for Schedules II and III: 00–04 Overview of Maintenance Operations: 00–05 Initial Maintenance (IM) Operations: 00–06 M1 Maintenance Operations: 00–07 M2 Maintenance Operations: 00–08 M3 Maintenance Operations: 00–09

What does the malfunction indicator light on a Freightliner mean?

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp/Check Engine: The malfunction indicator lamp is commonly called the check engine light. This error lamp is based on an the engine-management system and usually indicates a malfunction somewhere in the engine.

When to remove manual ash from a Freightliner?

If your truck has reached the 500,000 miles or 800,000-kilometer interval and a check engine light illuminates on your truck’s dashboard, then it may be telling you that manual ash must be removed from the DPF. This means you or a mechanical technician needs to remove the DPF filter for manual cleaning.

What kind of truck is a 2005 Freightliner?

2005 FREIGHTLINER BUSINESS CLASS M2 106, HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS – TOW TRUCKS – ROLL-BACK, MODEL XEZ18 18′ HYDRAULIC TAIL FLATBED, 17′ WOOD DECK INCLUDING… 2005 FREIGHTLINER, BUSINESS CLASS M2 106, Medium Duty Trucks – Box Trucks – Dry Cargo-Delivery, Caterpillar C7, Automatic, 24 Box, A/C, AMFM, Air Seat…