How do you join a clan in Tanki?

How do you join a clan in Tanki?

Applying to join

  1. Look for the form or the ‘method’ of applying to join the clan (it’s usually posted in the clan topic’s main post).
  2. When applying, do not forget to give as much information about yourself as you can.
  3. Once you have all the information ready, send it and wait for the reply!

What level do you need to be in a clan?

To create or join a Clan, you must be at least level 1. Once you are at level 1, tap the Clan Tab and you will see on the upper part of the screen the options to Create your own Clan or Search for an existing Clan to join. Creating a Clan costs 1000 Gold.

How do you leave a clan in Tanki Online?

1 To leave clan, a player leaves a message in forum thread that he left the clan. 5.5. 2 Prior to submission of the application, the clan leader has no right to submit an application for participation of the player in the next tournament, if the player leaves the clan. 5.5.

What is a clan in Tanki Online?

The clan system is available for players with the rank Warrant Officer 1 or higher. If a player decides to leave a clan or gets kicked from a clan, they will have to wait for 24hrs before being able to join another.

How do I join a clan Warframe?

Joining a clan is a simple as accepting an invitation. A clan rep only needs to send you an invite and you’ll be added to the roster once you accept. Clan reps usually hang around the Recruiting tab in the chat screen. You can just type in ”WTJ clan” or ”LFC” to get their attention.

How do I create a clan?

How To Start Your Own Gaming Clan In 6 Simple Steps

  1. Decide what you want your ideal clan to look like.
  2. Pick your name and get a logo.
  3. Set up your website.
  4. Recruit your players.
  5. Set ground rules.
  6. Build a sense of community.

How do you start a clan game?

Clan Games occur whenever the Strongman’s Caravan is set up at the side of your village (to the right of the Clan Path from the player’s point of view). When the caravan is interacted with, it will show the Clan Challenges available to the Clan.

Where is clan dojo?

Once you claim your key from the foundry you will be able to access it by clicking on the Dojo in your Star Chart screen which brings you to your Clan Menu. You can also enter your Dojo by selecting “Enter Clan Dojo” on the Clan menu by accessing it through the Communications Menu which is reached from the main menu.