How do you pronounce pauahi?

How do you pronounce pauahi?


  1. IPA: /pau̯ˈa.hi/, [pɐwˈwɐhi]
  2. (rapid speech) IPA: [pɔwˈwɐhi]

What is the meaning of Bernice?

bringer of victory
a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “bringer of victory.”

Is Bernice a boy name?

The name Bernice is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “she who brings victory”.

What is another name for Bernice?

Bernice is a given name….Bernice (given name)

Other names
Related names Berenice, Bernie, Veronica

Is Bernice an Irish name?

Bernice in Irish is Beirnís.

Where does the last name Bernice come from?

The name Bernice is a Frenchified version of the Greek name Bernike. The word was also used in the meaning of a throw of the dice, or to indicate a certain plant. The related word Βερενικιδες ( berenikides) means (women’s) shoes.

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Who was Bernice in the Book of acts?

When Paul was heard in Caesarea by king Agrippa the Second, Bernice was present ( Acts 25:13, 25:23 and 26:30 ). Bernice and Agrippa the Second were both children of king Agrippa the Great (and according to Josephus: children of Salome; their sister was Drusilla — JW.I.28.1), but that didn’t prevent them from being together.

Who was the first husband of Bernice of Cilicia?

That is, after Bernice’s first husband, her uncle Herod, had passed away. She left brother Agrippa and married king Polemo of Cilicia, but their marriage didn’t last long.