How much does a turbo cost for a Detroit 60 series?

How much does a turbo cost for a Detroit 60 series?

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This item JM Turbo Compatible For Detroit Series 60 12.7L Turbocharger with Wastegate Actuator Brand New Turbo SCITOO 23522188 Turbo Turbocharger Fits Detroit Diesel Series 60 & Cat C12 GTA4294 12.7L
Price $45500 $401.99$401.99
Sold By ATTA INC Scitoo Auto

How much HP does a 8V92 have?

Features and specifications

Family Model Power
8V92 8V92TTA 365 hp (272 kW) @ 1950 rpm
12V92 (two joined 6V92 engine blocks) 12V92 665 hp (496 kW) @ 2100 rpm
12V92TA 625–700 hp (466–522 kW) @ 2100 rpm
16V92 (two joined 8V92 engine blocks) 16V92TA 850–960 hp (630–720 kW) @ 2100 rpm

How much does a 12.7 Detroit weight?


Displacement Bore Weight
677 cu in (11.1 l) 5.12 in (130 mm) 2,550 lb (1,157 kg)
778 cu in (12.7 L) 2,640 lb (1,197 kg)
854 cu in (14.0 L) 5.24 in (133 mm)

How to get a Detroit Series 60 Turbo?

If you do not see the Series 60 part you are looking for, please use our quote request form or call us at 877.480.2120: our knowledgeable inside sales staff will gladly assist you. TURBOCHARGER – SERIES 60 12.7L (TMF5101) TURBOCHARGER – SERIES 60 11.1L (TV4502)

What kind of engine does Detroit Diesel 12.7L have?

These have gone through multiple versions, and different ones can be found on the both the 12.7L and 14L. The 12.7L went through the various phases of the DDEC, with the older engines having either the DDEC I, II, or III.

How much does a Detroit Diesel engine cost?

Genuine Detroit Diesel Reliabilt Part Sold with refundable core charge of $780.00 ( See Details ) TURBO – TURBOCHARGER – SERIES 60 11.1L (GT42, A/R 1.15) TURBOCHARGER – SERIES 60 (GTA4502V) TURBOCHARGER – SERIES 60 Additional refundable core charge: $890.00 ( See Details )

When did Detroit Diesel start making Series 60 engines?

Starting in the late 1990s, Neoplan made the Series 60 as an available engine for their high-floor and low-floor articulated buses – the AN460A and AN460LF. Detroit Diesel began making Series 60 marine engines in 1999, with wider availability starting in 2000.