Top 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN

VPN or Virtual private networks are quite common nowadays. However, there are plenty of people who don’t know what benefits a VPN can offer.

Every day, high-profile leaks and hacks may compel you to think about how to protect yourself. Whether they are spammers, hackers or spoofers who’re looking to extort you, a VPN can help keep you secure.

Further, suppose you are living in an oppressive country and want to know what is happening to the government. A VPN would open the avenues of information while hiding your online activities.

Still wondering whether a VPN would benefit you or not? Here is a list of top five benefits that would help to clear your confusion-

VPNs Can Bypass Censorship Restrictions

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN

It isn’t a secret that many countries impose internet censoring on their citizens. For example, China bans Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat. Meanwhile, Whatsapp and Skype are banned in parts of the Middle East. For this reason, there are many services that provide VPN for China, which helps you to access the blocked websites.

Using a VPN in a country with censorship provides you with access to the entire VOIP services and World Wide Web. Also, many of the countries have banned VPN download sites. Therefore, make sure to sign up for the VPN service before you enter such a country.

VPNs Increase Your Privacy While Online

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN

Whenever you log on to the internet, you’re assigned an IP address. The problem is, IP address keeps a track of all your online activities. It traces all the information about every website you visit, the comments you leave, the links you click, and the things you buy.

One of the major benefits of using a VPN is that it disguises the IP address making it difficult to trace your activities. It sends you onto the internet from a server in a different country with a masked IP address. Therefore, your identity, location, and activities remain private on the web.

VPNs Provide Access To Geo-Restricted Content

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN

If you’re traveling in a country that isn’t licensed to stream Amazon or Netflix, a VPN can help to avoid the content restrictions. For example, suppose you’re in Australia. You can obtain US-based IP address by simply logging on to the VPN’s USA server. By doing so, it would appear that you’re in the USA, thus providing san access to your favorite shows and movies.

In this way, you can use VPN to spoof your IP address and get around all kinds of geographical restrictions.

VPNs Can Be Used On Any Device, Network or Hotspot

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN

Another benefit of using a VPN is that it doesn’t depend on a particular Wi-Fi connection to work. Once the VPN service is set on your device, you can use it over any network or hotspot.

Moreover, you can use a VPN on computers, laptops, smartphones, and mobiles as well. So, it provides you with the convenience, flexibility, and ease to use.

Some VPNs Allow You To Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A VPN

You might have seen that sometimes your shows load more often. This happens due to a throttled bandwidth.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are in a game to boost their profits by throttling the internet speed. When you use streaming services like Netflix, they take up a lot of bandwidth. On the other hand, an ISP wants to keep its network clean.

Since a VPN hides your online activity, the ISP won’t be able to find that you’re trying to stream a video. Therefore, it is less likely to have a throttled bandwidth, providing a smooth browsing experience.


VPN is the best possible way to avoid being tracked while surfing. However, there are many troubles of using a free version of VPN over the web. So, it is best to pay for a genuine VPN to ensure premium data security, speed, and good connectivity.