What does an AC evaporator coil look like?

What does an AC evaporator coil look like?

The first step in cleaning your evaporator coils is knowing how to access and recognize them in the first place. What does an evaporator coil look like and where exactly is it located? An AC evaporator coil for a central air system is a pyramid-shaped or A-frame network of copper coils.

Why are my AC evaporator coils so dirty?

It doesn’t take much for evaporator coils to get dirty since the air inside a home is naturally dusty, especially if there are furry pets in the house. Since AC evaporator coils dehumidify the air as well, they’re often slightly damp and collect dirt, dust, and pollen more easily.

Where to run downflow coil in living space?

If the coil is located in or above a living space where damage may result from condensate overflow, a separate ¾” drain must be provided from the secondary drain connection. Run this drain to a place in compliance with local installation codes where it will be noticed when unit is operational.

Where are the drain connections on an evaporator coil?

Downflow drain pans have drain connections on the right and left front side of the evaporator coil. Refer to Specification Guide for limitations. Maximum CFM airflow is labeled on each coil.

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