What does jamming mean in slang?

What does jamming mean in slang?

slang Awesome; really exciting. Man, that was an absolutely jamming party!

What does jamming out to music mean?

improvise with
The dictionary definition Jamming, according to good sources, means to “improvise with other musicians, especially in jazz or blues”. Jamming therefore essentially means to get together with other musicians and play as a group. Today this can be in any musical genre.

What does IM jammed mean?

it means you’re “vibing” or “having a good time” (: See a translation. 2 likes.

What does jamming with friends mean?

To put two or more things forcefully into something very close together and in a haphazard manner.

What does jammed up mean?

( ˈdʒæmˌʌp) a stoppage or slowing of motion, work, or the like, due to obstruction, overloading, malfunction, or inefficiency; jam.

What is the synonym of jammed?

In this page you can discover 80 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for jammed, like: malfunctioning, blocked, barred, clogged, trammeled, wedged, sandwiched, caught, lodged, warped and swollen.

What does jammed together mean?

jam together 1. To put two or more things forcefully into something very close together and in a haphazard manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between “jam” and “together.” Don’t just jam all these things together in the box like that—you’ll break something!

What is jamming in communication?

jamming, in electronics, broadcasting a strong signal that overrides or obscures a target signal. The techniques of jamming are many and varied, but most of them simply consist of broadcasting a powerful radio signal, modulated with noise, on the precise frequency of the signal being jammed.

What does you’re jamming me up mean?

1. to clog up something; to impede or block the movement of or through something. Rachel jammed traffic up when her car stalled.

How do you use jammed in a sentence?

Jammed sentence example

  1. She jammed her hands in her pockets.
  2. The door jammed at his first attempt to open it.
  3. The closer she got to the overcrowded, poor part of the city, the more people jammed the streets, shoving against her in an effort to escape the collapsing buildings.

What does Jammin out mean in Urban Dictionary?

jammin out. 1. when you and your friends hang out, rock out, etc. 2. when a person, preferably a hard-core rocker, gets onstage and totally kicks butt at playing the guitar or drums.

What does the jam mean in Urban Dictionary?

the jam. Used to describe something that was really fun or cool. ‘That was the jam’ is sort of the same thing as ‘that was a blast’ or ‘that was a ball.’. It’s pretty much the Jam. That show was the Jam.

How old does a song have to be to be considered the jam?

An extremely superb piece of music. Songs 10 years and older can be considered to be “The Jam”, although The Jam bears no age due to the fact that it remains timeless.

What’s the meaning of ” I’m jamming ” by Trey Songz?

“I’m jamming, what are you up to?” Get the jamming neck gaiter and mug. The act of being high on a percocet. Trey: “Yo this perc really got me jamming !” Get the Jamming neck gaiter and mug.