What is FF7 battle theme called?

What is FF7 battle theme called?

Bell of Battle
The battle theme is called “Bell of Battle” which is the 9th track on the first disc of the soundtrack.

What is the song for the power of music FF7?

Good Night, Until Tomorrow
The Power of Music song 1: Good Night, Until Tomorrow Once you enter the inn, go to your right again to the front desk, where you will see an old man standing in the corner to the right of the counter. Speak to the man and he will give you the first track you need, which is called Good Night, Until Tomorrow.

How does FF7 end?

Cloud and his allies defeat the arbiters of fate, and then square off against Sephiroth. As Cloud lands the final blow, he and Sephiroth transport to what looks like the craggy surface of another planet. A multicolored celestial body, which may be the lifestream, spreads across the stars in the distance.

What are the songs in Final Fantasy VII?

The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII greatly expands the body of musical works of the Final Fantasy VII universe. Nevertheless, the most popular themes among fans remain a part of the original soundtrack, which include ” Those Who Fight “, ” Aerith’s Theme “, ” J-E-N-O-V-A “, and the previously mentioned “One-Winged Angel”.

What does the ending theme in Final Fantasy mean?

Ending themes are a recurring type of track in the Final Fantasy series, sometimes simply named ” Ending theme “. used to refer to the music that plays in the game’s ending and/or during the game’s ending credits. The theme ” Final Fantasy ” used to be incorporated into the ending credits music up until Final Fantasy X.

How long did it take to make the Final Fantasy soundtrack?

Called by Uematsu his “greatest harvest” in terms of creativity, the soundtrack, despite its length, was composed in a period of eight months, as opposed to the bi-annual period of producing that had become the standard regarding the previous original soundtracks.

What is the last line of Final Fantasy?

“Never Forget Them” (思い出してください, Omoidashite Kudasai?) is an audio clip of the last line in the game, spoken by Yuna in her speech at Luca. Yuna’s Japanese voice actor, Mayuko Aoki, performs in Japanese the line “Just, one more thing… the people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded…