What is the meaning of heterocyclic compounds?

What is the meaning of heterocyclic compounds?

Heterocyclic compounds are defined as cyclic compounds which consist of at least two different elements in the ring system, one of them mostly nitrogen, oxygen, or sulfur.

What are heterocyclic compounds explain with example?

What are heterocyclic compounds? Give examples. Cyclic compounds containing one or more heteroatoms (atoms other than C and H) in their rings are called heterocyclic compounds.

What are the types of heterocyclic compounds?

The most common heterocycles are those having five- or six-membered rings and containing heteroatoms of nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), or sulfur (S). The best known of the simple heterocyclic compounds are pyridine, pyrrole, furan, and thiophene.

What is an example of heterocyclic compound?

What are Homocyclic and heterocyclic compounds give examples?

Homocyclic compounds are molecules that are, or contain, ring structures that consist only of carbon atoms within the ring. An example is benzene. An example is heterocyclic amines which are six-membered rings of five carbons and one nitrogen atom.

What are fused heterocyclic compounds?

Nomenclature of fused heterocylic compounds Naming a fused heterocyclic system composed of two mono heterocyclic units or benzo heterocycles (e.g. chromene) fused with another heterocycle ring is based upon considering one system as the parent (base) and the second is considered as substituent The name is formed of:

Which heterocycles are aromatic?

Aromatic compounds which contain heteroatoms (e.g. O, N, S) are called heteroaromatics. The presence of the heteroatom influences the reactivity compared to benzene . The 5-membered ring heterocycles (furan, pyrrole, thiophene) are π-electron rich aromatics (6π electrons over 5 atoms)

What are the rules of chemical nomenclature?

14 Rules to write chemical name by IUPAC nomenclature Rule 1: Identification of principal functional group. Rule 2 : Selection of parent chain Rule 3 : Selection of parent chain from more than one possibility Rule 4 : Give the root name Rule 5 : Give the numbering Rule 6 : Numbering in case of more than one possibility

What are cyclic compounds that contain a nitrogen atom called?

Cyclic compounds that contain a nitrogen atom are called. acetamide. When acetic acid reacts with ammonia, NH3, the reaction called amidiation yields. acetic acid and ethylmaine. In the formation of N-ethylacetaminde, the reactants are. N,N-dimethylbutylamine (or N,N-dimethylbutanamine)