What is the most unique thing on your bucket list?

What is the most unique thing on your bucket list?

Even if you’re not an adventure-seeker, challenge yourself.

  1. Go bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is the thrill of a lifetime.
  2. Get a tattoo. Tattoos are a way to express yourself.
  3. Try an extreme sport.
  4. Go white water rafting.
  5. Set a world record.
  6. Travel somewhere exotic.
  7. Visit the World Wonders.
  8. Scuba dive.

What are bucket list items?

Bucket List Adventures

  • Ride horses on the beach.
  • Go bungee jumping.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride.
  • Visit an elephant sanctuary.
  • Attend the Olympics.
  • Be in the Saturday Night Live audience.
  • Be in a parade float.
  • Ride a mechanical bull.

What is on a bucket list?

What are 3 things on your bucket list?

How do you make a good bucket list?

How to make a bucket list

  1. Start with the easy stuff.
  2. Think about the things you wanted to do when you were a kid.
  3. Add some predictable stuff.
  4. Add some weird stuff.
  5. Think about the overall experience you want.
  6. Decide what’s super important and move that to the top of your list.
  7. Ask friends for their suggestions.

What are good things to put on a bucket list?

100 Bucket List Ideas for Things to do Before You Die: Travel the World Learn to Surf See the Northern Lights Take a Road Trip Learn to Play the Guitar Write a Novel Dye Your Hair Pink Go Hang Gliding Get a Tattoo Buy a House Ride a Camel Through the Desert Let go of a Floating Lantern Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower Marry the Love of Your Life

What are three things on your bucket list?

Learn how to solve a Rubix cube

  • Crowd surf at a huge concert
  • Scuba dive/snorkel in the GA aquarium
  • Finish a coloring book
  • Go zorbing
  • See the northern lights
  • Stay at an underwater hotel in Fiji
  • Go on a road trip with friends
  • Hike the Appalachian trail
  • What places should be on my Bucket List?

    New York City,New York. You can’t pass up the city that never sleeps.

  • White Mountains,New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s White Mountains rank as one of the most underrated destinations on the map in my opinion.
  • Orlando,Florida.
  • Charleston,South Carolina.
  • Tampa,Florida.
  • What are some good summer bucket list ideas?

    500 Ideas For Your Summer Bucket List Run Through the Sprinklers. Put on your bathing suit and run through the sprinklers. Build a Sand Castle. Get yourself some cheap castle making pieces, pick a spot where the sand is moist but not too wet, and get to work on your Go Geochaching. Make Tie-Dye Shirts. Make Root Beer Floats. Catch Fireflies. Make Hawaiian Punch. Ride a Ferris Wheel.