What is turbo Resonator?

What is turbo Resonator?

The turbo resonator is a plastic, bonded-together assembly used on the 2.7 liter, 5 CYLINDER IN-LINE Mercedes. Benz turbo diesel engine to slightly lessen the intake whine of the turbocharger and to act as a “muffling” device for the. intake air delivery system.

Why is my Mercedes Sprinter limp mode?

Mercedes car limp mode is indicated by the check engine warning light, which activates when an issue erupts within the vehicle. If an error in the transmission causes the vehicle to jump into third gear and remain stuck in that position, you have a case of limp mode.

Is resonator delete bad?

Because the resonator delete is part of the back end of the exhaust system, removing the device can sometimes impact the performance of your catalytic converter. When that occurs, you can sometimes trigger a check engine light warning or a code in your system because there are backpressure changes that occur.

Does removing the resonator increase horsepower?

But a short and direct answer is: Yes. Removing a resonator can slightly increase a vehicle’s horsepower.

Why does my sprinter have a turbo resonator?

However, the turbo resonator is one flaw in the engine design that has caused the Sprinter chassis to suffer an inordinate amount of breakdowns. If the truth were published, this is a HUGE problem, not a small one. Q.

When did the Turbo fail on my Dodge Sprinter?

My turbo resonator failed on July 26, 2008 (2006 Sprinter with 7300 miles) en route to ONT from NJ on a Sunday afternoon. Flemington NJ Dodge dealership was useless as was Chrysler 800#.

When did the T1N 5 cyl sprinter come out?

Fits all Sprinter Vans made between 2002-2006 (T1N). Sometimes there will be a slight noise with this device. What is a turbo resonator? A turbo resonator is a plastic assembly used on the 5 cylinder in-line Mercedes Benz diesel engine. The turbo resonator is meant to lessen the intake sound of the turbocharger.

What’s the problem with my Dodge Sprinter 3500?

My 2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500 / 2007 Winnebago View has suffered its 2nd turbo resonator failure with ~2,200 miles between the 1st and 2nd failures. The first failure was shortly after I bought the vehicle last summer. The resonator was replaced with the manufacturer’s part Rev AB. That part failed last Saturday on the Interstate.