What kind of compressor does a GMC Sierra use?

What kind of compressor does a GMC Sierra use?

Pour 2 or 3 ounces in the new accumulator and the rest in the compressor, turn the compressor shaft by hand a few time after installing and charging before starting compressor. I would also recommend replacing the orifice tube as well. The R4 compressor is shown below, which is what GMC used most.

How much oil should I add to a 1990 GMC Sierra?

When a retrofit is performed the standard is to use 80-90% R134a to the R-12 amount. This would put the R134a system charge at 45 to 50 oz. Start with 45 oz and more to if needed to get the system to the correct pressure range. The oil total system capacity is 10 oz if equipped with the A6 compressor and 8 oz if equipped with the R4 compressor.

When to replace clutch and pulley on compressor?

First, they know that in most cases if the bearing and clutch are worn the rest of the compressor is probably near the end of it’s life. If they replace the clutch and bearing and the rest of the system fails shortly thereafter no matter what they say they will have an angry customer.

Why is the pulley bearing on a compressor hard to remove?

The pulley bearing is pressed onto the aluminum casting of the compressor body so you are not prying against the compressor shaft. The bearing can be hard to remove because the steel bearing in contact with the aluminum frame will cause a dissimilar metal weld. Clean off all the surfaces and threads using a wire brush and / or some sand paper.

When to replace AC compressor in GMC Sierra?

Ok I have a 2002 Gmc sierra 2500 HD crew cab. Been having some issues with my a/c lately and finally came to the conclusion that I am going to swap out my ac compressor with a new one. My father in law owns a body shop so i have access to a pumping system to remove all the freon in the truck and replace it all when I’m finished.

What kind of belt tensioner do I need for my GMC Tahoe?

Capacities are different for trucks, Tahoes, and Suburbans, depending on if you have the rear AC or not too. One more tip, if you are replacing the belt tensioner, use an AC Delco one. It has a metal pulley and mot aftermarket ones have a cheap plastic pulley.

Where is the TX valve on a GMC compressor?

Generally when you say filter/dryer, that’s on a Thermal Expansion Valve system and is located between the compressor and the evaporator on the high pressure side of the system. On all GM’s as far as i know they don’t use a TX valve and “filter/dryer”.

What causes a GMC Truck compressor to lock up?

It refers to “liquid slugging” in the compressor which causes the compressor to lock up and put extreme stress on the belt and tensioner, which will usually pop the belt or break the tensioner or both.