What kind of fuel economy does a Duramax have?

What kind of fuel economy does a Duramax have?

Note: Obviously, the actual fuel economy achieved is based on many factors (speed, driving style, weight, towing, etc.) so your results may vary but this should give you a good idea of “real-world” usage. General Motors owns the brand and rights to the Duramax diesel engine.

What’s the warranty on a 2001 Duramax Diesel?

GM recently sent out notices to owners of 2001-2002 Duramax diesels that they *may* experience injector failure caused by high fuel return rates or cracked injector bodies, and that accordingly, GM will extend the warranty on *covered* failures (not all) to 7 yrs/200,000 miles.

How many miles per gallon does a GMC Sierra get?

#2 – GMC Sierra 2500HD Year Average Miles Per Gallon Year Average Miles Per Gallon 2013 13.4 MPG 2014 13.7 MPG 2015 13.9 MPG 2016 14.4 MPG 2017 14.2 MPG 2018 15.3 MPG 2019 14.4 MPG 2020 14.9 MPG

When did the Duramax diesel engine become popular?

The engine became popular after they were first installed in the 2001 GMC and Chevrolet trucks. Ever since then, GMC has given people the option to have a Duramax diesel engine in all the medium-sized trucks, vans, and pickup trucks that they sell.

How to increase fuel economy on a Duramax Diesel?

It’s no secret that a Duramax diesel is not known for fuel economy. But there is more than one way to increase the fuel economy on a Duramax diesel and save money on gas. And while these modifications won’t give you the gas mileage of a small commuter car, you can increase your fuel economy from three to six miles per gallon.

What are the most common LMM Duramax engine problems?

1 DPF system & active regeneration 2 Leaking transmission lines 3 Fueling / low fuel pressure 4 Piston / crankshaft failure 5 Allison 1000 power limitation

Why is my Duramax 6.6L engine not working?

Overtime, both of these parts are prone to normal wear and tear which can reduce fuel rail pressure. Injectors can get clogged or the fuel pump can simply weaken. As mentioned, this is most common when its hot and when towing heavy which requires the engine to work harder and therefore more fuel to be used.

What are the problems with the Duramax DPF system?

The DPF system is extremely complicated but all problems boil down to excessive regeneration or regeneration interruption. These problems can be prevented by ensuring you are driving your Duramax on the highway enough and being cautious of not interrupting the regeneration process while its taking place.