What should I do about my front fork alignment?

What should I do about my front fork alignment?

Front fork alignment, fork sag, stiction. Fork braces, gaiters, springs. Upgraded top triple clamps. Modifications. Avoiding fork tube bending & twisting. Cleaning & lubricating or replacing steering head bearings.

What’s the best way to replace a steering knuckle?

The goal is to try to guide it through the hole in the upper half of the steering knuckle.

How do you change the front forks on a BMW?

Remove the nut and washer, press the center threaded plug down, and release the clip by pushing on it with a dull flat blade screwdriver. The LOWER side of the circlip groove is a bevel, so the clip will move down, tilt, and you can then remove it. The spring is obviously pushing on that circlip.

What should I do if my steering lock stop?

Put the wheels on free moving turning plates. If the vehicle has power steering, turn on the engine. Rotate the steering from lock to lock. Check the steering linkage is not fouling any part of the vehicle. If there’s a steering lock stop, check that it works.

How do you remove fork from steering column?

Use flat file to finish end of column. Use round file or deburring tool to remove sharp inside edge of column. Loose handle and move column further through cover plate. Leave handle loose to allow column to rotate. Rotate fork and use flat file to bevel outer sharp edge of column. Remove fork from SG-6.

What’s the best way to repair a suspension fork?

On the damper side, place the 15mm socket on to the bottom nut so that you do not damage the rebound adjuster. Use a rubber mallet to knock the damper leg and air spring leg free. Remove both bottom nuts. 5. Pull The Lowers Off Of The Upper Tubes

How do you replace a steering knuckle on a car?

Strike the steering knuckle near the ball joint with a large hammer. The ball joint’s stud should eventually pop out if the knuckle is hit hard enough. You can also use a ball joint separator to separate the ball joint from the knuckle. But be forewarned: most separators don’t fit all vehicles.

How to remove the rebound from a Fox suspension fork?

First, unscrew the black rebound knob cap. Then using a 2mm hex wrench, loosen the pinch bolt on the side of the rebound knob. It is not necessary to remove 2mm pinch screw entirely. Lift and remove rebound knob.