Whats better peak or Elevate?

Whats better peak or Elevate?

But where Elevate is more focused on academic areas, Peak focuses on specific cognitive skills like problem-solving, communication skills, memory, focus, mental agility, and coordination. With a very polished and colorful interface, they have a number of games that are suitable for adults and kids alike.

Does Lumosity measure IQ?

Lumosity training results in IQ, working memory and other cognitive ability improvements on the order of 2-3 points – provided you train for 12 and a half hours over many weeks.

What does luminosity help with?

Researching the efficacy of Lumosity After 10 weeks, Lumosity users improved more than the control group on our assessments of working memory, short term memory, processing speed, problem solving, fluid reasoning, and overall cognitive function.

Does Lumosity improve working memory?

Lumos Labs, Inc. Trained participants improved significantly in measures of visual attention and spatial working memory.

What is the best brain training app?

Here is a list of the best brain training apps that will challenge your working memory and improve your mental fitness.

  • Lumosity: Daily Brain Games.
  • Elevate – Brain Training.
  • MentalUP Educational Games.
  • Peak – Brain Training.
  • Memorado Brain Training Games.
  • CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad.
  • Eidetic – Learn & remember anything.

Which is better BrainHQ or Lumosity?

BrainHQ is unique among brain-training programs, because great science has always been the top priority. Here’s how BrainHQ stacks up against Lumosity, scientifically speaking: (see note below for details on calculations.) So if you want real science and real results, BrainHQ is the best choice in brain training.

How is Lumosity LPI calculated?

LPI is based on the scores you receive for Lumosity games. It is not influenced by your age or any training preferences you have selected. Cognitive LPI is calculated using a weighted average of the Game LPIs from all Cognitive Areas.

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