Which is the electronic control on a 5kw heater?

Which is the electronic control on a 5kw heater?

Electronic Control: Up, down temperature mode. Start/Stop. Standard on all heaters. The control voltage is equal to the line voltage (208, 240) for 5kW models. Over 5kW the line voltage control is operating the contactors.

Why is my climate control not working on my Mercedes?

When I got the car, the climate control didn’t work. You could hear that the heater valve was working and that the compressor fan was kicking on with AC buttons, but no air would blow out of the vents.

Why is my C230 Komp heater not working?

C230 Komp blower has been off and on since last year, and only working on 5 when it did. Worked fine over summer. Now that it is cold, it stopped for the most part. Read the threads here….pulled cover off from under passenger foot well and access the blower motor and wiring. Wiggled wires and checked connections and that did the trick.

What to do if your Mercedes heater is not working?

you can take the fan motor out, easily, its 3 screws and visible if you pull the left hand vent (next to the door) out… grip by top and bottom edge NOT the vents themselves. beside the main unit, under the central console, are the actuator solenoids for air control.

What to do if your C class heater goes out?

On older vehicles, having the heat go out is often a precursor to some expensive future repairs. However, with modern cars, the solution is usually more simple. If the heat in your C-Class or C-Class AMG has gone out, read about the required diagnostic work here and get it sorted!

What to do when your immersion heater stops working?

Please try again later. Here’s a simple fix for when your immersion heater stops working, it could be that the thermal cutout has tripped and just needs to be reset. This is how it’s done. Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/artisanelect… https://www.amazon.co.uk/tryprimefree…

What should I do if my car heater is not working?

Squeeze the top radiator hose to help air pump around the system (taking care to avoid any moving parts, in particular the radiator fan, which could come on suddenly without warning). Between the engine heat and the water pump, all the air should be forced from the system.

Why is my Mercedes C class heater making noise?

Lubricating the bearing in the blower motor will make this noise go away, as will replacing the assembly. This noise has been known to be a potential indication that the motor is going bad and it might be time for a replacement before a total failure occurs.