Why did my 1973 Corvette engine die out?

Why did my 1973 Corvette engine die out?

1973 Corvette Convertible, Owned since 1980. This same problem plagued me and my 73 for months. I forgot to check the obvious – the fuel filter at the carburetor was so full of junk and floating junk that the engine would starve for fuel. Somebody used Teflon tape on the fuel line threads and it was disintegrating.

Can a car overflow tank start to boil?

However, the system is pressurized and should not boil unless the engine has reached around 260F degrees, under normal conditions. If your engine is getting that hot, additional damage may have been caused. If the coolant is not actually boiling and what you see is simply bubbling in the overflow tank,…

What causes the coolant in an engine to boil?

Whether it’s a faulty pressure cap or crack in the engine block, if the pressure at which the coolant/antifreeze flows through the engine is affected by a leak, the fluid will reach boiling point causing the engine to overheat. What is the boiling point of coolant/antifreeze?

Why does my C3 Vette die at idle?

In Park with the engine running at idle, after it fully warms up, the engine starts having an erratic idle then eventually dies. Then it won’t start until the temp of the engine drops down a bit. So my guess is this is definitely not a vacuum leak, it’s just got to be something with the carb.

Why is my 2005 Corvette stuck in Park?

Sounds like the shift lock over ride is broken.There may be a switch behind the brake that disengages it which isn’t working.If that’s the case and there’s no visible alternative to releasing it like some cars have,a tow to the dealer will be needed. My 2005 C6 Automatic won’t get out of “park”???

What happens when coolant is boiling out of the reservoir?

When this is not functioning properly, the result can be catastrophic overheating of your car’s engine. The fact that the coolant was boiling out of the reservoir cap suggests that the thermostat may be stuck closed. When this happens, the coolant is not allowed to circulate throughout the vehicle’s engine as it should.

What to do when your car is stuck in Park?

If you cannot shift out of PARK (P), ease pressure on the shift lever – push the shift lever all the way into PARK (P) and release the shift lever button as you maintain brake application. Then press the shift lever button and move the shift lever into the gear you wish. See Shifting Out of Park (P) (Automatic Transmission) on page 2-35.)