Why did Washington State stopping emissions testing?

Why did Washington State stopping emissions testing?

Why did Washington end the emission check program? In 2005, the Legislature phased out emission testing based on Ecology’s projection that the program wouldn’t be needed by 2020 (RCW 70.120. 170). Air quality in Washington is much cleaner now than when the program began in 1982.

How often do I need emissions testing in Washington state?

Washington Smog Check / Emissions Test The State of Washington requires non-exempt gas and diesel vehicles registered in eligible counties to pass an vehicle emissions test before obtaining their original tabs and then again every two years. New residents must adhere to the same requirements.

Are vehicle inspections required in Washington State?

Starting in 2020, vehicle owners will no longer be required to have their vehicle’s emissions tested before renewing their registration. Vehicles scheduled for testing in 2019 still need an emissions test before they can renew their tabs, according to the state Department of Ecology.

Will a cold air intake pass emissions?

In order to pass California’s smog check requirement, engines must pass both a visual inspection and a “sniffer” (emissions measuring) test before it is allowed to legally drive on public roads. A cold air intake without a CARB-approved EO number will not pass a visual smog inspection.

What happens if you fail the emissions test?

Special allowances are made for these vehicles, or they may have to take an alternate test. If you failed the emissions test, you probably had a Check Engine Light on and one or more DTCs in your computer.

Where do I Find my Emissions test results?

Toward the bottom of your vehicle’s VIR you will find “ASM Emission Test Results”. This section will indicate the emission results your vehicle produced. “MAX” indicates the maximum emissions allowed for the particular pollutant, based on your vehicle’s year, weight and engine size.

What does Meas stand for on an emissions test?

“MEAS” (which is circled on the image below) indicates the emission results your vehicle produced, and it is the measurement you need to be concerned with in relation to the maximum limits allowed. Measured “MEAS” amounts above the state’s cut-off, or maximum limits, will cause a failure.

How much does an emissions test cost in Washington State?

Applus emissions test stations in Washington charge $15 for an initial test and provide one free retest for vehicles that have failed an Applus test within the past 365 days. Other authorized smog test facilities set their own fees, which vary by location.

What is an emissions waiver in Washington State?

Emissions Waivers in Washington. An emissions test waiver differs from an emission exemption in that exemptions are for vehicles that never need emissions testing, while waivers are granted to owners of vehicles that fail their tests. The waiver allows you to obtain a current registration even if your vehicle does not pass the emissions inspection.

Think of failing the emissions test as a positive experience rather then a negative one. Where you may have not noticed your vehicle is or was not performing at it’s best and wasting fuel, failing the emissions test will identify this condition and allow you to fix the problem. You will absolutely save money on the long run.

Where to get out of state emissions testing?

Out-of-State Emissions Testing in Washington. If your vehicle is normally registered in an area where Washington emissions testing is required, but is in another location at the time your inspection and registration renewal are due, you must complete an Out of Area form or contact your nearest Washington licensing office.