How do I insert an R code in Word?

How do I insert an R code in Word? (Or copy and paste from RStudio to Notepad++, but make sure you set the file’s language–from the “Language” menu–to R). When your script is correctly highlighted in Notepad++ go to the “Plugins NppExport Copy HTML to clipboard” menu to copy the open file. This can then be pasted into MS Word with HTML format. How do I Untoggle field codes in Word? Removing Fields from Original DocumentsOpen the Word document.Press CTRL+A on your keyboard to select all the text within the document.Right-click, then click Toggle Field Codes.Press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 on your keyboard.… Read the rest

How do I share my github ID?

How do I share my github ID? You can contact a GitHub user by going to her/his user page ([USERNAME] ) and on the left-hand site you should see her/his email address (if they have provided one). How do I share a github account? GitHub HelpAsk for the username of the person you’re inviting as a collaborator.Under your repository name, click Settings.In the left sidebar, click Collaborators.Under “Collaborators”, start typing the collaborator’s username.Select the collaborator’s username from the drop-down menu.Click Add collaborator. How do I share a GitHub repository? On GitHub, click the settings button on the right, select… Read the rest

How do you send an email to a principal?

How do you send an email to a principal? How to write an email to your teacher (or to your boss, colleague, principal, etc.)Always enter in a subject line. Never leave this field blank. Use a proper greeting. Introduce yourself. Write a brief overview sentence. Write the email body. Thank your teacher/boss and close out the email. Proof before sending. How do you convince a principal to hire you? You must convince the principal that you are ready, willing, and able to function as part of the team. One way to do this is to have one or two experiences… Read the rest