Is the Triumph Thruxton 900 good for commuting?

Is the Triumph Thruxton 900 good for commuting?

Commuting to work on the Triumph Thruxton 900 is quite an experience since you will get all eyes on you. It is not a loud bike, but the looks are just stunning. The eventual Sunday morning ride on the open road is feasible, but the power of its bigger siblings is something to miss.

Is the Triumph Thruxton your an open road bike?

The Triumph Thruxton R is designed to be an open road vehicle with that kind of engine. Although that is the case, if you seat on it for some hours, you will definitely be sore. That being said, a friend of mine who is a lot smaller than me thought it was one of the most comfortable bikes he ever sat on.

What’s the difference between a Triumph Thruxton 1200 and 1200?

The difference in this department with the Triumph Thruxton 1200 is that it can be adjusted for perfect performance. Both bikes have 4.72 inches of travel in them. This ability to adjust the suspension is not a minor detail, especially when you are out on the road for a couple of hours.

What kind of shocks does a Triumph Thruxton have?

The new incarnation of the Classic café racer by Triumph comes with some very modern features. The ABS switchable breaking system is very up to date and so are the Showa and Öhlins shocks. A bike that only comes from 865cc onwards, it is not for the faint of heart.

Can you start a Triumph Thruxton 900 with EFI?

Think that 12v voltage sounds a bit low for starting a Triumph with EFI. From experience you won’t get much of a response from the bikes brain below 12.8v. How old is the bike / battery. This cold weather will kill an untended battery stone dead. First thing I do after a ride is connect to an intelligent trickle charger. Hi Gus.

How old is the battery on a Triumph Thruxton 900?

A 4 year old battery is probably near the end of its time! Although it shows 13.2v there may be very little current stored. After leaving the bike under cover for 3 weeks, I’ve come back today and am having starting issues. There’s zero response to turning the key.

Where did the Triumph Thruxton motorcycle get its name?

2013 Triumph ThruxtonThruxton. Named after the race track where Triumph ruled the roost and inspired by the famous Ton Up Boys of the 60s. The Thruxton is our sportiest classic, an authentic caf ra…

Is it safe to ride a Triumph Thruxton?

Triumph Thruxton is arguably the most iconic Café Racer of all times. But beware, riding this bike will get you in trouble. If you don’t like the celebrity-like attention, this bike is not for you.