Who makes the DT466 engine?

Who makes the DT466 engine?

Navistar DT466E
Electronic injection Variants

Navistar DT466E
Dry weight 1,425 lbs dry
Predecessor DT466

How much oil does a DT466 hold?

Fill engine with 28 quarts of engine oil with oil fill funnel and reinstall oil fill cap.

Is the DT466 engine in a 2003 International Truck?

My truck is at the International dealer getting fixed as I am posting this for the same problem at 159,550 miles on our 2003 International 4300 with a DT466 engine. This truck is owner operated and never abused. I am so disappointed in hearing about this engine o-ring failure problem.

When did my 2004 International 4400 get towed?

On February 28, 2006, I had my 2004 International 4400 (Vin # 1HTMKAAN24H592264) towed to Westrux International, located in Santa Fe Springs, CA, to be repaired. The vehicle had water coming out of the blow by tube (crankcase ventilation). This was noticed after driving the vehicle a mile down the road after stopping for a coffee.

Is the DT466 engine reliable and low downtime?

International advertises that the DT466 engine is reliable, durable, low downtime, and minimal maintenance. I have not had the opportunity to enjoy any of these advantages. I, as a dissatisfied customer, was mislead not only by the research that I did prior to the purchase of the vehicle, but also by the false odometer reading.

Are there any recalls on 2004 International trucks?

These trucks have been recalled for tires, wiring issues, premature codes, etc. Check it out for yourself at http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/recalls/results.cfm. The public has a right to know that if you buy this vehicle there is a chance that it will leave you stranded as well as possibly killed on our highways.