What does a rev counter count?

What does a rev counter count?

A rev counter simply shows the number of revolutions an engine’s crankshaft (that’s the rotating bit which converts the reciprocating motion [in a car’s case, the up and down motion of the con-rods and pistons] to circular motion) is revolving per minute (RPM) – usually divided by 1000; i.e., 2 on a rev counter is …

How do you test a rev counter?

Start the vehicle and wait for it to idle down to normal idle speed. At this point the meter should be displaying a fairly constant AC voltage. If this is the case, rev the motor up and down and observe the reading on the meter. The AC voltage should rise when the engine RPM’s rise and fall when the engine RPM’s fall.

How do electronic rev counters work?

With electronic tachometers, the ignition system triggers a voltage pulse whenever the spark plug fires, at the output of the electromechanical part. In turn, the electromechanical part corresponds to the average voltage of this series of pulses.

Where should my rev counter be?

A rev counter should be the exact same number of revs that the engine is rotating at whether it is hot or cold.

What kind of rev counter do I Need?

There are 2 different models of REV counter used in the series II models, the earlier one I believe is a current sensing unit and wont work with the electronic ignition and the later is a voltage sensing unit and does work.

Why is the rev counter on my car not working?

The wire for the Rev counter is grey and white according to the wiring diagram and this is conceded yo the negative side of the coil according to the diagram this is right but I notice if I put this wire to the positive side of the coil when the engine turns over the Rev counter works but the engine won’t start.

Can a series 2 rev counter stop working?

There are a couple of types of rev counters fitted to series 2s, it depends on chassis suffix number and are not normally interchangeable. I think it was early suffix A cars that can suffer from rev counter flicking when in use. Not had any rev counter issues on later cars with same ignition systems that i have fitted. Clive.

Where does the term rev counter come from?

Many people have slipped into using the term rev-counter (short for Revolution Counter) in place of the correct application of the term tachometer. The term tachometer comes from Greek ?????, tachos, “speed”, and metron, “to measure”.