What is the meaning of ironmongery?

What is the meaning of ironmongery?

: something made of metal especially, British : hardware sense 1.

What is an irony in literature?

In simplest terms, irony occurs in literature AND in life whenever a person says something or does something that departs from what they (or we) expect them to say or do. Just as there are countless ways of misunderstanding the world [sorry kids], there are many different kinds of irony.

What is ironmongery schedule?

An architectural ironmongery schedule is a document that lays out exactly what pieces of door furniture are needed at each instance. This is normally broken down by each door type required, as each will have their own specific set of handles, hinges, locks, closers and kickplates.

What is ironic pleasure in literature?

Irony is characterized by a blend of pleasure and persuasion in messages that “teach by delight.” It is the basis of advertisements using humor to convey social and intellectual rewards to elite audiences.

What does ironmongery mean?

Ironmongery is a traditional and somewhat antiquated term for iron goods that were made for use in households, rather than industry. It has since come to mean more, and now includes not only iron, but other metals and plastic. In Great Britain , the word “ironmongery” still has this meaning, although in the United States,…

What is the plural of ironmongery?

The noun ironmongery can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be ironmongery.

What is involved in Architectural Ironmongery?

Architectural ironmongery includes door handles, closers, locks, cylinder pulls and hinges ( door furniture ), window fittings, cupboard fittings, iron railings, handrails, balustrades, switches and sockets. The term is sometimes used to distinguish between these items and retail of consumer goods sold in ironmongers’ shops or hardware stores .