Why is the oil leaking out of my VW?

Why is the oil leaking out of my VW?

Among the parts that become worn out is the valve gasket. When you take too long in between oil changes, the sludge that accumulates from contamination by dust and soil particles gradually increases the pressure in the oil gasket seal, causing the seal to break down and start leaking. The oil pan can also be a source of the leakage in your VW.

What causes oil to leak out of the cam seal?

Cam Seals leak too, but usually it is the Valve cover at that point that makes it look like a Cam seal is going. The smoke that you see is probably oil burning off on the exhaust manifold. Less common causes are the Oil Pressure senders.

Why do you need oil in a VW engine?

Engine oil is the lifeblood of your VW’s engine. It is needed to prevent moving parts from seizing up. Oil provides vital lubrication to safeguard components from premature wear. It also helps to reduce engine temperatures by limiting the amount of friction caused by parts moving against one another.

What causes a leak in a VW head gasket?

Coolant tanks split on the seams, Hoses get pin hole leaks, the one from the drivers side that goes from 1 inch to 1/2 and bends 90 is a good one radiators split of the sides. So don’t assume that the head gasket went south with out investigating it a wee bit.

Why is my water pump leaking on my VW T4?

If you have a pin hole leak, then the high pressured oil passes very easily into the coolant system. These are the most common cause for oil being found in the cooling system on a VW T4 and is a cheap and easy fix. Make sure you check this before looking into the more expensive water pump or head gasket repairs.

Is there a problem with the VW T4 heat exchanger?

Before fitting the new VW T4 oil heat exchanger, you need to ensure that you thoroughly clean the coolant system. Oil residue left in the system can lead to other problems further down the line. To do this you can either buy chemicals to use to flush the system (examples here) or a weak mix of washing up liquid and water works.

Are there any problems with the VW T4 Transporter?

This does increase the cost of the job but saves you on a major service further down the line. The VW T4 does have a reputation for dodgy sensors unfortunately. The sensors are of course getting old and need periodic replacement & routine inspection, however bad connections or corroded electrics also lead to issues.