How do I print special characters in Word?

How do I print special characters in Word?

You can display these special characters, which Word refers to as nonprinting characters, by following these steps:Display the Word Options dialog box. Click Display at the left side of the dialog box. In the Always Show These Formatting Marks On the Screen section, select the characters you want Word to display.

Which command is used to insert special characters?

Inserting Special Characters From the Insert command tab, in the Symbols group, click SYMBOL ยป select More SymbolsThe Symbol dialog box appears. The special character appears in your document.

What is the Insert Symbol called?


How do you type in Wingdings?

How do you type Wingdings on a keyboard?Add a keyboard shortcut for the symbol (Wingdings) using the key combination Alt+Ctrl+B.Android’s keyboard works similarly. Long-press keys on the keyboard to access related characters and symbols. The Wingdings fonts include small graphics of hand signals, arrows and check marks among others.

How do I insert symbols on my computer?

Click the Insert top menu option or the Insert tab. Select the Symbol option in the Insert menu or click the Symbol option on the Insert tab. Select the letter in the symbol list with the accent mark you want to use and click the Insert button.

How do you make symbols on a laptop?

Hold FN and press the scroll lock key, or just hold FN, depending on the computer, to enable the number pad function. Hold the ALT key and enter the code. You may need to hold both FN and ALT at the same time to enter the code. A full list of codes is at