Do software engineers work a lot?

Do software engineers work a lot?

Many people think that software engineers work almost all the time. When you ask about average work hours per week, numbers between 60 and 80 hours per week are not an uncommon response. Among some developers, there is also a strong feeling that you can only be a great developer if you work this much.

What determines a good software engineer?

A good software engineer is someone who is not only competent at writing code, but also competent in everything else required to build, deliver, and ship valuable software. A good software engineer is someone that their company can trust to help them make money.

What are the strengths of a software engineer?

According to Damien — founder of Scalable Path, these are the 7 qualities that set great programmers apart.Positive Attitude. Supreme Communication Skills. Great at Time and Task Management. Quick Learning Ability. Deep and Broad Technical Experience. A Good Team Player. High-End User Focus.