The different treatment options for ED

The different treatment options for ED

Almost 66 percent of all men in the United Kingdom have dealt with, or are dealing with, Erectile Dysfunction. Despite such staggering numbers, the understanding and compassion that one would expect to come with a medical ailment are often not found. So many men have to deal with the stigma that comes with ED and at times, patients will go without treating their ailment, opting to even break up with partners rather than admit they have a problem.

Most don’t even allow for the matter to reach anoint where treatment options could be discussed. This avoiding would cause more problems and could possibly make the problem a long-lasting (or even permanent) one.

To help, we prepared this little informational article that will discuss the different treatment options available for ED patients. Hopefully, this brief knowledge will give you the push you need to look further into getting treatment.


Surgery is one of the most common treatment options that ED patients will choose. The surgery makes adjustments to allow for the muscles around the genitalia to be more responsive and also to increase blood flow to the genitalia. The surgery is quite invasive, but it is the fastest treatment option available.

As far as the disadvantages are concerned, surgery is expensive. Also, while the risk of adverse effects during surgery is quite low, it does not work each and every single time, and patients have had to supplement their surgery with medication. You could end up spending a small fortune and have to end up taking medicine anyways. So, at the very least, surgery should be considered as the final option.


While inconvenient and cumbersome to carry around, penis pumps do tend to be effective. It’s not too expensive and is easy to use. The cylinder is where you insert your penis and the pump creates a vacuum inside the cylinder, drawing blood into the penis. You’re using physics, rather than biology, to help live a healthy sexual life.

However, as mentioned above, pumps can be inconvenient and cumbersome. Also, you cant take it everywhere with you without running the risk of someone finding out. You also run the risk of injuring yourself as you could over pump and cause abrasions along the penis. As such, if you are going to choose to go with a penis pump, make sure you read the instructions clearly and don’t get over-excited during usage.


By far the most convenient and cost-effective method for the treatment of ED is medication. The good news is you can get that treatment from the comfort of your home. Nowadays most pharmacies offer an online service that carries out an assessment to check your eligibility of the treatment, after which you will be sent your medication in the mail. Based on the assessment, you’ll either be prescribed Sildenafil or Tadalafil. It is literally that simple.

You won’t need to deal with any person directly, other than the clinician who is judging your eligibility, and even that is done online. You’ll be sent your monthly dosage in the mail in a discreet package, so nobody in the delivery chain, from the mailman to the nosy neighbor next door, will know what you’ve ordered.