5 Color Palettes That Will Make Killer Logo Designs For Your Construction Site

5 Color Palettes That Will Make Killer Logo Designs For Your Construction Site

Haven’t you ever come across a graphic designer and wondered who paid him so much, only for the sake of getting some quirky logos designed? We bet; you must have. But the truth is, if there is something other than the name that distinguishes a brand from the many brands, it’s the brand logo. That is why choosing the right logo design from Vancouver is the most reliable option as they provide uniqueness with a new brand identity.

In fact, you cannot take any aspect of logo designing lightly. Especially the colors – since each of the hues reflects a meaning of its own. As per a survey, blue is used by 35% of the brands worldwide in their logos, making it the most-used color! So, by now, chances are, you must have understood what we are trying to emphasize – the art of choosing the most appropriate color for your brand logo.

Hence, we bring you a list of the 5 most suitable color palettes that will help you in designing a killer logo, especially if you want one for your nascent construction site:

1. White

Whether it’s today, tomorrow, or yesterday, if there is one color that never fails to showcase its charm, it is white. Classy, simple, and impactful – white is all these and more. Many brands sport this color in their logo, solely because it is so fluid that it easily goes along with other colors. In fact, the logos of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter cannot be imagined without white, isn’t it?

Similarly, many brands use this shade, especially in the construction sector. White does not just signify sophistication and power, it also reflects formality and class. So, if you want your logo to rave these qualities, white is the shade you should go for.

2. Blue

As stated earlier, blue is the most widely used color in logos. Facebook, Twitter, Hike, Oral-B, HP, Dell – an uncountable number of brands have used this very color in their logo. By now, we already know how each color tells a story of its own. Blue, besides being soothing and pleasant, too has a number of psychological interpretations.

Mainly, it is considered as a shade that displays credibility, reliability, and trust. And come on, which business wouldn’t want to market itself as a trustworthy one?! So, if the main motto of your construction site is this, now you know which color logo will suit you the best.

3. Red

In case you do not, there are some stunning facts related to red logos. But the most fascinating one is that red is the second-most used color for logos, followed by grayscale. Coca-cola, Netflix, YouTube, Nescafe, Target – too many brands thrive on this color for their logos. And why not – it holds some super-smart psychological connotations.

It signifies strength, power, energy, passion, and whatnot! No wonder why Coca-cola chose this color for their logo. Hence, we hope the construction site owners have understood the prompt – red for the go!

4. Yellow

This is hands down the color most-opted for, especially when it comes to construction logo makers. And not just construction site owners, various industries related to construction also go yellow for their logos. Heard of UltraTech cement? Its logo is all clad in yellow and black. Urban and Coromandel cement are a few other brands that sport a yellow logo.

But other than this, popular brands like Snapchat, IMDb, and National Geographic are also donned in a happy yellow hue. Why? Yellow symbolizes creativity, passion, and enlightenment. Why wouldn’t any construction site not use this color for their logo?!

5. Black

Last but never least, black is the OG of all shades when it comes to anything – even logo designing. Just like white, black is one of the most versatile shades. And we all know – there is no going wrong with anything black – from outfit to logos.

No wonder why premium brands like Apple, Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Nike, and many more choose plain black for their logos. Even for construction sites, black is a good color option because it represents power, protection, formality, and class. Stunning, isn’t it?

Over to you…

While choosing a color for a logo may sound like an easy task, in actuality, it isn’t so easy. One must be very precise regarding what meaning they really want their logo to depict.

Here, we cited the top 5 color palettes that will make killer logo designs for your construction site. Read this guide and find the most suitable one for yours.

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