Understanding the Advantages of Business Phone Systems

Understanding the Advantages of Business Phone Systems

As you very well know, there’s quite a lot of things to do on a daily basis when running a business. You need to manage your teams, make sure they complete all daily operations smoothly and ensure your clients and customers are always satisfied.

One of the factors that play a huge role in all that work is your phone system. It goes without saying that you need a business number, but have you ever thought about getting a virtual one?

A virtual business phone system can provide you with lots of benefits. Here are the most essential to consider.

Cutting Costs

Reducing your costs is certainly up high on your priority list. A virtual business phone system for your office can help you do just that.

This is because the term virtual means that you only need an internet-enabled communication device to use it. You need a stable internet connection, a virtual phone number, literally any device, and you’re good to go.

For instance, phone.com business phone systems can provide you with a cloud-based, hardware-free system that will give you a complete mobile office experience.

You can get either the Pay-per-Minute plan or the Unlimited plan, depending on your needs. Both are incredibly affordable and cost-effective solutions that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

High Level of Availability

Being available for all your clients and customers is vital for your business. With a virtual phone number, you will always be right there when they need you.

But what about your employees? Do you have a remote team dispersed around the world? It’s challenging to stay connected when you’re all in different time zones, isn’t it?

With a virtual business phone system, it doesn’t matter where your team members are. The system will help you always stay connected. You can talk, text, video chat, exchange fax files, and enjoy seamless video conferencing – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


When it comes to a phone system for your business, you need something reliable. You can’t afford to use an inefficient system that has you tied to your desk.

You also can’t afford to have your clients and customers deal with busy lines, long response times, unanswered calls, and constant voicemails. It’s unprofessional and pushes your customers away.

A virtual number will effectively solve all these challenges. This is because you can connect your virtual business number to multiple lines.

That way, no prospect or customer will ever have to wait, which means that you’ll never lose important leads. You’ll show that you respect your customers’ time, which will help you build trust.

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The Setup

Setting up a virtual business phone system is incredibly quick and easy. You can set up in just a few minutes, completely hassle-free.

There’s absolutely no hardware to install. Once you’ve chosen your provider, you need to sign up for an account and pick your phone number, preferably one that’s easy to remember. You can choose a local number, a toll-free number for local and long-distance calls, or a vanity number.

Next, you need to record your greeting message. That will be the first thing people hear when they call, so make sure it’s professional and polite.

The last step is adding extensions. Extensions are perfect for bigger offices with several departments. When a client or customer calls, they can choose from all your extensions to reach a particular department or person.

Advanced Options

You can use your virtual phone system for the office to forward calls, schedule calls, and even create voicemails that your callers will receive if they try reaching you outside business hours. You can use the voicemails to keep your prospects engaged and compel them not to reach out to your competition while you’re out of the office.

You can also record on-hold messages that will also keep your prospects engaged. Gone are the times of that irritating elevator music that was used for on-hold calls. Now you can record messages with helpful tips and advice for using your products or services, for instance.

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Business phone systems have never been more sophisticated. With a virtual phone number, you’ll start experiencing all these benefits, and more, as soon as you start using it.

So, jump on the bandwagon of various industry experts and take your business communications to a whole new level. Before you know it, you’ll cut your costs, improve your communication flow, delight your customers and clients, and start generating more revenue.