Boost Your Brand With Successful Virtual Events

Boost Your Brand With Successful Virtual Events

The virtual events market is expected to rise by 23.2% yearly from 2020, showing the need for businesses to get on board with this new trend. Times are changing, and virtual events are becoming a more efficient way of delivering information to consumers. Your business can benefit from this exposure by delivering an online workshop or class related to your service, ensuring that your brand stays relevant. Here are some ways to make your event successful.

Make Virtual Events Accessible

Remember that you may be trying to reach a global audience rather than a local one. To make your event stand out, show that your brand thinks of different consumer types within your demographic. Break people into smaller groups within a larger event to avoid isolating any introverted people. Show graphics or animations, and set up a chat room where audience members can ask questions and engage. Many people have shorter attention spans. It is recommended that online events last around 25 minutes on average to ensure peak attendance throughout.

Create Interactive Events

Audiences need to feel like they are a part of the event. Adding interactive features such as an ice breaker activity, live polling or a breakout room can help engage your audience during your event. Engage with your audience prior to the event to show them what is coming up. This will ensure that you get more than a 30% attendance rate, which can happen with a virtual event. Add a quiz or a Q&A session to ensure that everyone is focused on the story you are telling. Remember to keep the tone of your brand, and use calls to action at the end of your story ensuring the audience engages with your business long after the event.

Focus On Quality

Event planning should still be a top priority. It may appear unprofessional or disorganized to your audience if a speaker is unavailable or you have bad quality equipment. Show that you can deliver an effective virtual event by planning ahead and having a backup plan in case things go wrong. Have backup speakers ready in case someone is sick or gets stuck in traffic. Have people available to set up your equipment if you are unfamiliar with it. Also, ensure that you choose the technology that resonates with your audience, and practice speaking online beforehand to ensure your tone is engaging.

Planning and organizing live events online can also be a cost-effective solution for businesses with a lower budget. Stick to your brand story to ensure that virtual events are a marketing tool that you can use long-term.