What are the processes of hydrologic cycle?

What are the processes of hydrologic cycle?

The water cycle consists of three major processes: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Evaporation is the process of a liquid’s surface changing to a gas. In the water cycle, liquid water (in the ocean, lakes, or rivers) evaporates and becomes water vapor.

What is hydrological cycle?

: the sequence of conditions through which water passes from vapor in the atmosphere through precipitation upon land or water surfaces and ultimately back into the atmosphere as a result of evaporation and transpiration.

How are the five processes in the hydrologic cycle related?

Together, these five processes – condensation, precipitation, infiltration, runoff, and evapotranspiration- make up the Hydrologic Cycle. Water vapor condenses to form clouds, which result in precipitation when the conditions are suitable. Precipitation falls to the surface and infiltrates the soil or flows to the ocean as runoff.

How is the hydrologic cycle powered by the Sun?

Updated April 02, 2017. The hydrologic cycle is the process, powered by the sun’s energy, which moves water between the oceans, the sky, and the land. We can start our examination of the hydrologic cycle with the oceans, which hold over 97% of the planet’s water. The sun causes evaporation of water on the surface of the ocean.

What are the steps in the water cycle?

The Steps to the Water Cycle. An average tree can transpire hundred of gallons of water into the air every day. Step Two: Condensation Condensation is the process where the water vapor turns into a liquid and forms clouds. Condensation is caused when the air cools water vapor until it reaches its saturation point.

What are the implications of the water cycle?

Implications of Water Cycle 1 The water cycle has a tremendous impact on the climate. For instance, the greenhouse effect will cause a rise in temperature. 2 The water cycle is also an integral part of other biogeochemical cycles. 3 Water cycle affects all life processes on earth. 4 The water cycle is also known the clean the air.