Is the International 4300 AC compressor not working?

Is the International 4300 AC compressor not working?

Vocational, Technical or Tra… 2004 international 4300 AC compressor not working. Code SPN 2007 international 4300 dt466. Freon has been charged to 2007 international 4300 dt466. Freon has been charged to correct capacity 2.1lbs. Compressor, accumulator, orifice tube all replaced.

Is there way to reset’check a / c’light on IH 4300?

The ‘Check A/C’ light is on in my 2005 4300 International. Is there a way to reset that light, or find out if there are any ‘codes’ as to why it’s on?

What’s the only code for an A / C compressor?

The only code I have is; 612:14a 29,2 any help would be great !!!! Thanks, David:salute what kind of truck is this on ? Sorry about that. It is a 2004, 4300 International. DT466, auto, air ride and brakes. The A/C compressor is ECM controlled like most modern vehicles.

How to reset a / C on International trucks?

You can by pass each of the 2 thermistors with a 1500 ohm 1/2 watt resistor at the harness plug. Without Diamond Logic you can not monitor thermistor temp. so this is the way that you can quickly make sure that your thermistors are working. (after you remove battery cables for 5 minutes to reset) It works!

Why does my DT 466 e no start?

Fuel filter was filled before starting it almost ran chugged and stalled and will not start. I Worked the hand pump for quite a few cycles and bled the scrader valve, starts to fire and thats it. Q. What am I missing? 2003 International 4300, 330,000, original injectors.

How much Freon does an international 4300 hold?

PUT TWO NEW THERMISTERS IN IT,part #3622764c3 and if its a two door cab it should hold 2 lbs of freon and if its a extra cab it should hold 2.25 lbs.hope this helps.

What should the high pressure switch be on an international 4300?

Sounds like the high pressure switch is bad. The high side should go up close to 300psi before it cuts the compressor off. The normal opperating range for the high side is 180-250 and your not getting that.

Where is the orifice tube in an AC accumulator system?

Generally, the orifice tube is placed between the condenser and evaporator as shown in the picture below: AC accumulator orifice tube systems are found in some automobiles while other vehicles include an expansion valve in place of the orifice tube and a receiver-drier instead of the accumulator.

Why does my international 4300 check a / C light?

Turns out it was the motor that switches the flaps in the dash from defrost to floor and vent now why that shuts the compressor down i have no idea but a $34.00 motor did the trick.

How to reset a / C on International trucks-MHH auto?

u can hook battery cables for a few minutes and reset code, if there is an ac codd that comes back the ac is inoperable. diamond logic builder is the right way to clear code. and to diagnose ac system. This Work fine for me. Resetting Prostar AC Faults. this video explain very good Rawze. This work on International 2011 prostar truck tested.

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