What happens if you fail the emissions test in Massachusetts?

What happens if you fail the emissions test in Massachusetts?

If a non-commercial vehicle fails its Massachusetts car emission test, the vehicle owner may be eligible for a Waiver of Emissions Standards for the smog portion of the test, but not the safety inspection. The smog test waiver remains valid until the vehicle’s next annual inspection.

What are the most common failed emission test codes?

Small leaks easier to find, because to create a vapor-like smoke the machine heats the mineral oil, it may contain dye of UV leak detection. Cycle the purge solenoid and other EVAP self-test can be run using a professional level scan tool which have a bidirectional communication ability. 1. Low Fuel Pressure

What do you need to know about emissions testing?

As part of the annual emissions inspection program, the state tests vehicles for safety and smog, in accordance with the model year. In most cases, vehicles must undergo emissions checks in addition to a safety inspection if the vehicle was manufactured after 2001.

Can a car pass an emissions test with a reset check engine light?

There is an extremely small chance you can pass an emissions test by resetting the check engine light. However, this is not advised as masking a potentially serious issue poses a risk to not only you, but other drivers and passengers on the road.

What happens to your car if you fail the emissions test?

If you fail any portion of the vehicle inspection—the safety inspection, emissions test, or both—a rejection sticker will be affixed to your windshield. You will have 60 days to successfully complete a retest after addressing the issues that prevented your vehicle from passing its initial inspection.

How long is the on-board diagnostic emissions test?

The on-board diagnostic emissions test (OBD) checks your vehicle’s computer communication system, Check Engine light, testing readiness, and engine and emissions control data, among others. The test takes a few minutes to complete.

How does the status of your emission systems become ” ready ” again?

How the status of your vehicle’s emission systems becomes “ready” again: Driving the vehicle in a normal fashion may allow your vehicle’s to become “ready”. However, for certain emission systems and certain vehicles, the status returns to “ready” only after driving the vehicle a specific way.

What are the exemptions for emissions testing in Massachusetts?

Exemptions for MA Emissions Inspections. The following vehicles are exempt from emissions testing: Diesel vehicles less than 8,500 lbs. that were manufactured before 2004 and/or are over 15 years old. Diesel vehicles weighing up to 10,000 lbs. that were manufactured before 2007 and/or are over 15 years old.