What are the 3 biggest lakes in Florida?

What are the 3 biggest lakes in Florida?

  1. Lake Okeechobee – Largest manmade lake in Florida.
  2. Crescent Lake – Largest natural lake in Florida.
  3. Cypress Lake – 2nd largest lake in Florida.
  4. Deer Point Lake – 3rd largest lake in Florida.
  5. East Lake Tohopekaliga – deepest lake in Florida.
  6. Johns Lake-longest Lake in Florida.
  7. Lake Apopka – largest body of water in Florida.

What is the name of the largest lake in Florida?

Lake Okeechobee
Lake Okeechobee (US: /oʊkiˈtʃoʊbi/), also known as Florida’s Inland Sea, is the largest freshwater lake in the state of Florida.

How many lakes are in Florida?

30,000 lakes
Florida contains more than 30,000 lakes that cover a little more than 3million acres of land. The lakes range from very small to the nation’s fourth-largest natural lake, 448,000-acre Lake Okeechobee. The state’s second-largest lake, Lake George at 46,000 acres, touches the border of north Lake County.

What is the 10 biggest lakes in Florida?

Lake Okeechobee.

  • Lake Seminole.
  • Lake Apopka.
  • Lake Istokpoga.
  • Lake Tohopekaliga.
  • East Lake Tohopekaliga.
  • Is there a town under Lake Okeechobee?

    Kreamer Island is a small island in the south-easternmost part of Lake Okeechobee, located in Palm Beach County, Florida just north of Torry Island. The area became generally flooded after the dike around the lake was raised from 6 feet to 20 feet. Kreamer Island is now considered a ghost town.

    How big is the largest lake in Florida?

    With over 451,000 blue, watery acres, Lake Okeechobee is a lake with many titles. It is, by surface acreage, the largest lake in Florida. It also holds the distinction of being the fourth-largest lake wholly contained within the USA.

    How big is the Okeechobee Lake in Florida?

    Lake Okeechobee is the tenth largest lake in the US and the largest freshwater lake in the US State of Florida. Surprisingly, however, the lake spanning an area of 1,715 km2 is exceptionally shallow with an average depth of only 9 feet, an unexpected figure for a lake of its size.

    Which is the fifth largest lake in the United States?

    Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario, the fifth biggest lake in the US (19,011 km2), also occupies parts of the Canadian province of Ontario. In the US, it is part of the state of New York. Lake Ontario is fed primarily by the Niagara River, has a mean depth of 86 m, stretches for 311 km, and has the greatest width of 85 km.

    How many types of lakes are in Florida?

    1 Lake Kissimmee 2 Lake Tohopekaliga 3 Lake Harris 4 Lake Eola 5 Lake Okeechobee