What do you need to know about Hino fault codes?

What do you need to know about Hino fault codes?

HINO Truck Fault Codes DTC list DTC code POSSIBLE CAUSE P0335 Main ICE rotation rate sensor or its wiring P0335 main and auxiliary sensor rotation speed of the internal combustion engine or electric P0336 Invalid signal from the main internal combustion engine rotation sensor P0606 faulty ECU P0629 control valve feeding pump (Short supply wires)

What does a check engine light mean on a Hino truck?

A check engine light can mean a simple problem or something more serious; it’s never worth the risk. A check engine light is most often related to engine components, but that isn’t always the case. They say you’re better safe than sorry, and we agree. Always investigate the cause of a check engine light with the help of a trained Hino mechanic.

Where can I get a Hino Truck Repair Manual?

This means more information for more accurate repairs. Hino Trucks dealers and body builders now have direct access to download 3D CAD models (.stp files) of all 2016MY and up conventional and COE chassis to be used for body design via a dedicated website www.hinocaddesign.com.

When is there no Ne signal on a Hino truck?

There is no “NE” signal to the electronic control unit for 2 seconds or more when the crankshaft is cranked by the starter. 1. Open or short circuit in the sensor circuit of the shaft speed sensor pump.

How big is the Hino 258 diesel truck?

Hino 258 Truck, 2018, 268 000kms, 230HP, 6 cylinders 7,7L engine, Allison 6 gears automatic transmission, GAWR rear axle: 17,500lbs, platform width: 95 inches, cabin with bed. 2017 Hino 258, Diesel/Auto, Air Brake, Alum Wheels, Exh Brake, 186K miles. w 21′ Jerr-Dan, Rem Rail, 2- Tool Boxes, LED Light Bar, LED Work Lights, Wheel Lift & more.

Where is the production series Code on a Hino truck?

This is located just below the VIN number on the VIN plate. The plate is attached to the passenger side doorjamb on all conventional trucks. The Production Series Code can also be found in Dealer Connect through the warranty screen. Go to DC600 then DC611 and then click on options.

What does p0410 mean on a Hino truck?

P0410 doesn’t mean anything. It means that the air pressure in the tanks was low and it had to fill them up first before it could fire the burner to heat up the SCR. Go into the engine diagnostic menu, go to data monitor then activation test.