What kind of engine does Suzuki GS 850G have?

What kind of engine does Suzuki GS 850G have?

Somehow, perhaps with the added displacement and GS1000 cams, Suzuki has made the 750 engine into a solid low-speed lugger in the GS850. We still haven’t devised a satisfactory means of hooking shaft-drive motorcycles to the Webco dynamometer, so we can’t tell you with scientific certainty where the GS850’s useful power begins.

Which is better Suzuki GS1000 or Suzuki gs850?

You may be thinking, as we did, that Suzuki should have developed the GS850 from the GS1000 instead of basing it on the GS750. Shaft-drive machines do carry more weight than their chain-gang brethren and the lighter, more muscular, larger-displacement engine would seem to have been a better starting point.

Is there an air gauge on a Suzuki gs850?

Suzuki does not supply the pump and air gauge you sometimes get with a GS1000 to set the GS850’s air-fork pressures. They provide a dial-type air gauge and instructions about how much pressure you should use in the fork tubes.

What to know about your Suzuki outboard engine?

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What kind of engine does a Suzuki GS 850G have?

The 850cc versions of the GSX750E was available only with a shaft drive and were called GS850G. Suzuki didn’t really have anything for the avid touring rider until the introduction of the GS850G. At its heart was a bored out GS750 motor, altered to incorporate shaft drive. The engine was placed in a modified GS1000 frame.

What to watch out for on a Suzuki gs850?

GS850 what to watch out for. Discussion in ‘ Old’s Cool ‘ started by sjc56, Feb 24, 2012 . Tomorrow I’m looking at a 79 Suzuki GS850G, I know they have a reputation for being bullet proof except for the charging system but anything else?.

What’s the difference between a GS 850 and a G 850?

The ’79 doesn’t have CV carbs. They are real, genuine, thirsty 1970’s sliders. CVs came in the next model year, when they also deleted the kick start. The early G also lacks electronic ignition and instead relies on points. The early 850 is a bored-out 750 in a 1000 frame. It’s HEAVIER than the 1000 by a few pounds (a little over 600 wet).

How old is the 1981 Suzuki gs850l?

1981 Suzuki GS850L All Original, 6500 miles, This is clean and original. Here is a chance at a piece of history that requires no work, just get on and go. Again this is original, so there is some minor rust and oxidization (its 34 years old). There really is not much more to say.