When does a GMC Safari transmission go bad?

When does a GMC Safari transmission go bad?

Conveniently, at 48124 miles, just 12000 miles and 5 months after the warranty expired my transmission went out and I was charged 1800 dollars for a new transmission. You will notice a and abrubt gear shift from first to second after about 30-45 minutes of driving. Do you want a vehicle that has a transmission go bad at less than 50000 miles?

Can a stalling engine be intermittent driveability?

Intermittent driveability problems of any kind are always a challenge to diagnose. When a customer brings you a vehicle and complains of a stalling problem, you may not have much to go on other than their description of what’s happening and when it happens.

When did GMC Safari switch from 1st to 2nd gear?

On August 1, 1997 I bought the above vehicle from you through Bob Stall Chevrolet, La Mesa, California. On September 6, 2000, it developed the serious defect of abruptly shifting from 1st to 2nd gear after approximately 30 minutes or 17 to 20 miles of driving.

What happens if your coolant temperature sensor goes bad?

Fuel delivery, ignition timing and engine performance are among the key elements affected by the information the coolant temperature sensor gathers. If it goes bad, it can cause several problems. Signs Your Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Is Bad

Can a bad crankshaft sensor cause a cylinder to misfire?

Should you feel or hear a brief stutter in the engine, it may be a sign of misfiring cylinders from a bad crankshaft position sensor. A failing crankshaft position sensor cannot provide the right information about piston positioning in the engine, causing a cylinder to misfire.

What are the symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor?

Cost of Replacing a Bad or Failing Crankshaft Position Sensor. Common signs of a faulty crankshaft position sensor include issues starting the vehicle, intermittent stalling, and the Check Engine Light coming on. Our certified technicians can come to you and diagnose the problem.

Where is my coolant temp.sensor located?

Here is the procedure to replace the sensor, which shows the location. The big arrow in the diagrams points to the front of the vehicle. Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Replacement Removal Procedure Notice Use care when handling the coolant sensor. Damage to the coolant sensor will affect the operation of the fuel control system.

What are the warning lights on my GMC Safari?

Well I took my van to the dealer yesterday due to an intermittent check engine light that illuminated when holding the coast in w/ cruise control set. The code was about the right and left banks running rich. The dealer replaced the MAP sensor due to the original was shorted (according to tech writing on service report).

What was the problem with my 1993 Safari XLT?

Had similar problems, 1993 Safari XLT with 120k had stalling, low power, “Check Engine” light, etc. Had valve seals replaced twice due to smoking at start-up, and EGR continually clogged. Local mechanic, who works on several Safari/Astros did the following:

Can a bad coolant sensor cause a car to not start?

Some cars use the engine coolant temperature sensor to control the electric cooling fans. You have two separate temperature sensors for the fans, dashboard gauge, and engine management in most cars. However, if your car has a single sensor, a bad engine coolant temperature sensor may result in your fans won’t start at all.

Why does my GMC Sierra suddenly stop running?

Truck suddenly stops running, acting like it’s out of fuel. There is fuel in the gas tank and, I can hear the fuel pump when I turn the ignition on. Is there a fuse, or relay that is maybe causing this to happen?

How to troubleshoot a no start GM 4.3L?

The following tutorial may be of help: How To Troubleshoot A No Start (GM 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L). CASE 3: The engine started and stayed running. This confirms that the fuel pump is starting to fail. The next step is to confirm the exact fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge to be absolutely sure.

Truck suddenly stops running, acting like it’s out of fuel. There is fuel in the gas tank and, I can hear the fuel pump when I turn the ignition on. Is there a fuse, or relay that is maybe causing this to happen?

Are there any problems with the Chevy 4.3 Vortec engine?

The 4.3 Vortec engines made from 1996-2002 (L35 and LF6) have been reported to have engine knock problems. In a properly functioning engine, fuel burns in even pockets instead of all at once. The pockets burn in even timing, in sync with engine cycles. Engine knock occurs when the fuel burns unevenly and out of sync with the engine cycles.

What are the symptoms of a failing Vortec distributor?

Symptoms of Failing Vortec Distributor 1 Engine misfires 2 P0300 to P0306 engine codes (for misfire) 3 Engine is slow to start, or not starting 4 Poor idling, acceleration, etc. (usually caused by misfires)

Where is the idle control valve on a Chevy Vortec?

The idle control valve sits on the throttle body and is responsible for adjusting the amount of air that enters the engine at idle, ultimately controlling engine idle speeds. At idle, the valve blocks a small amount of air from entering the engine, keeping idle RPM’s low.