Can a seller ask for sewer lines to be replaced?

Can a seller ask for sewer lines to be replaced?

Replacement of sewer lines is expensive, but it’s an item that many sellers will replace if asked. If roof issues crop up on your inspection, you can certainly ask for these to be repaired. Usually, sellers will get a roof inspection 5  when these requests are made.

What should I ask for when making a repair request?

You’ll generally want to focus on bigger-picture items when making repair requests. Consider asking the seller to pay for a home warranty, which cover major defects for a year and provide added peace of mind.

How do you find a broken sprinkler line?

Once you’ve identified where the leak is, mark the location so you can find it when the water is turned off. If the sprinkler line is exposed enough for you to see water spraying out of a break or crack, check the line for a visible crack, and use a marker to mark the location of the leak.

Can a seller refuse a repair request from a buyer?

Sellers will be reluctant to listen to or negotiate a request for repair from a buyer without receipt of a home inspection. I’ve had inexperienced agents refuse to give sellers a copy of the home inspection until after the request for repairs was agreed upon.

What to do if your Pocket Hose is broken?

(If there is a clip, make sure it connected properly to the notch) Your hose is now good to go! In case your fitting is broken or damaged you can get a repair kit to replace it. Check on Amazon However, note that depending on which pocket hose you have you will need plastic, brass or aluminium fitting.

How can I tell if my engine hoses need to be replaced?

Sometimes the problem areas are more noticeable after the hoses have heated up. Take a short 5 to 10-minute drive, then park your car and open the engine hood. Look for any noticeable bulges. You may also be able to spot nicks, cracks, and other external damage indicating that the hoses need to be replaced.

What to look for when replacing a radiator hose?

New hoses feel firm but not hard and often crinkle when touched. If the hose feels very hard or soft, replace it right away. The ends of the hoses are the most likely to show signs of consistency issues. Check around the clamps holding the hose to the radiator and other components.

What causes a leak at the end of a hose?

If your hose is leaking at the end of the hose aka the joint where the fitting connects the nozzle or sprayer to your hose, the inner tube might have been dismantled or disconnected from the sprayer. Leak at the hose end or valve end Unscrew the plastic or brass fitting where it connects to the sprayer.